Design a child's room in the attic - How to equip a child 's room ?

Design a child's room in the attic - How to equip a child 's room ?

Many underestimate the attic space, but can be placed in the attic of a full room, for example, belongs to the child. But to the young resident was comfortable there, attention to detail and design a child's room consider some features.

Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room
Design a child's room in the attic - How to equip a child s room

Pros and cons of placing a child's room in the attic

If you decide to place a child's room in the attic, you must first weigh the "pros" and "cons."

You should start with the pros:

  • The first indisputable advantage - it's a private space. And although it is not so large in size, the child will be happy and that. In addition, it will be even more comfortable in the cozy little room, rather than in large.
  • If you use the space efficiently and correctly, the attic will turn into a small cozy corner.
  • If the window is positioned directly in the roof, the child will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the starry sky. In addition, it will provide a sufficient amount of natural light, which is very important in the regeneration of a child's room.
  • The room is located in the attic, it has an unusual shape, and if you develop an interesting design, it can make the room unique.
  • The room is in the attic and is therefore protected from extraneous sounds that can be heard from other rooms.


  • In the attic a lot of space, so you have to try to fit on such a small area everything you need.
  • If one window in the room may be too dark, and then you have to pay special attention to artificial lighting.
  • If a small child, the placement of a child's room in the attic connected with some risks, because it can fall down the stairs with a failed attempt to climb or descend.
  • It may be difficult to position furniture.

Space Organization

Loft has its own design features. First, in the attic is not as much space as we would like, secondly, irregular shape. Therefore, it is not necessary to divide the room into zones, it can break a space. And use the area most efficiently.

Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room
Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room

To make a child's room should be chosen light and quiet colors, as dark saturated or may create a gloomy atmosphere and bright irritate the child's psyche. And it is desirable to give preference to lighter tones because they are, firstly, makes the room lighter secondly allows to smooth the sharp corners in the space, and thirdly, increase the visual space. Suit pale yellow, blue, peach, pink, lilac color.

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Design a child's room - is, above all, decoration. And to the attic it was cozy and roomy as possible, choose simple materials because volume and complex billing, as you know, bring the surface and thereby "stealing" square centimeters or even meters, which are so necessary.

When placing walls, remember that one or two would be tilted, and the other two have an irregular shape. And this means that they should not have the figures, they can be very varied. Choose calm and light materials, such as paint, paneling or wallpaper simple. The slope of the wall can be transformed into a starry sky, if it pasted themed wallpaper. And one of the lines still can be distinguished, if you really want to make a design something unusual and bright. Try to arrange it in a bright color or decorate the pictures, such as flowers, a landscape or a simple image or fairy cartoon characters.

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The selection and placement of furniture

In the attic is necessary to place only the most necessary furniture, as unnecessary here just do not fit. The most important subject is, of course, the bed. Put it desirable to have one of the walls. And if the roof is not in the room comes from the floor, it is possible to arrange a berth directly at the beginning of the slope, so you can save space.

A full rack can not fit, but the design will not be harmed, though the storage space will be much smaller, and it is a minus. But you can make this piece of furniture to order, then it will fit perfectly into the interior, and will not stand out in space. But if this option does not suit you, try to replace it with a modular complex consisting of freestanding pedestals.

Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room
Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room

Also, do not be amiss dresser. Such things, of course, it is better to place along the straight walls. By the way, the surface can perform the function of shelves, which perfectly accommodate accessories, and books. Workplace with a compact table and a chair, it is desirable to place next to the window that the child was comfortable to deal with.

Lighting: natural and artificial

The child should be light, but do so in the attic, unfortunately, is not easy. And yet, if properly consider the lighting, you can kill two birds: to make the room bright and supplement or refresh design.

You should start with natural light, ie, windows. Do not force it, use the weightless light curtains: plain or decorated with understated pattern.
Now the artificial lighting. From the classic version in the form of a central source, it is desirable to give up, he can be very isolated and focus on small or irregularly shaped children's room.

A spotlights not only dispel the light, but with the right location will help to identify areas and even visually expand the boundaries of what the attic is more than appropriate. Overloading baby accessories in the attic is not necessary, but without them can not do. Use flowers, photos or pictures in frames. Let the children in the attic will be a cozy corner for your child.

The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms

The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms

The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms
The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms

Women's bedroom - a place where you can relax, daydream or think about something important. But this room can perform multiple functions and at the same time it should be comfortable, so in considering and developing its design, it is worth considering all its demands and preferences of the owner.

What should be the women's bedroom?

In the bedroom, the woman is not only asleep. Here she is making plans for the future, to deal with any matters before going to sleep, dreams, and probably spends pleasant evenings with beloved man. So this area must be, above all, multifunctional and universal, not just to adjust to a peaceful sleep, but also help to relax and unwind after a hard day's work

The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms

important areas

Sleeper, ie bed. It should ideally take place in the main room and become its sole focus, but it is not always possible. For example, if the design requires a large number of zones and, respectively, the interior components, the bed is desirable, first, closer to the wall (and the far best), and secondly, to try to isolate possible to sleep was even more robust.

Workplace. If the owner of the room is a business woman, she certainly need a place to work, she will sometimes borrow. This zone can be equip with a compact table and a modern mobile computer chair or a chair with a high back (depending on the style and preferences of women).

The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms
The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms

Wardrobe. Many women keep clothes and disguise it in the bedroom, so it is necessary to allocate space for clothes and accessories. In addition, a lot of comfort and fittings and disguises, placing here a small ottoman or chair and a mirror.

If the room is only one, it can combine the functions of a bedroom and living room, because where else to meet friends and to organize meetings with them, if not here? If the room is spacious, you can quite afford the arrangement as a full bed and the area for receiving guests, so use for the interior design and comfortable roomy bed couch (sofa better if you plan to leave guests with an overnight stay).

suitable styles

To bedroom design was harmonious and complete, stop for one style and kept there all the interior decoration. And if in his youth want something bold, bright and extravagant, the age many women are beginning to appreciate the totally different quality: practicality, comfort, calm and relaxing environment and versatility.

The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms
The stylish, versatile and comfortable design of the women's bedrooms

For the arrangement of the female bedrooms it is ideal for the following areas:

  • Classic style. Classic remains universal and did not go out of fashion. The main features of the style - it is quiet and muted pastel or natural colors, simple wood furniture without frills, laconic finish and elegant accessories.
  • Provence - a French Provincial room where everything is very cozy and cute. Create an environment, you can use a little old, but good-quality furniture and decoration, elegant and not very fussy accessories, pastel and bright colors (the basis is desirable to take a white or milk). The bed can be made of metal and painted, certainly on high legs and headboard (preferably with bars).
  • Modern will create an elegant and quiet, but a very original interior. The characteristic features of the style: subdued light colors, natural materials and expensive, complex lines and shapes, original and elegant accessories.
  • Oriental style can be called a colorful and rich, it is exactly like the women who appreciate the beauty of the east. Features: rich fabrics, massive furniture, deep and rich colors, three-dimensional texture, play, and expensive stylized accessories.
  • Rococo or Baroque lovers will appreciate the luxury and wealth around. The interior of a bedroom can be called not only chic, but even a little pretentious. Everywhere there are forged items, furniture and antique accessories. Finish the same should be simple, the emphasis is not on it. Furthermore, appreciated soft pastel shades.

The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers

The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers

The design of the bedroom consists of a unity of the key components - furniture, walls and floor, as well as the expressive decor. Since the bed is the center of the bedroom, her appearance often sets the tone throughout the room: the importance of single stylistic direction of the bed and covered her decorating, should not be underestimated.

The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers
The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers

Minor details create a harmonious image of the room, it is extremely important in any environment. Designers note that neglect important decorative details is not necessary even if the design of rooms, which are not strangers or guests.

It bedspread for the bedroom - an important detail of the room interior

Properly selected design blankets for sleeping room can not only support the general stylistic direction, but also beneficial to change an existing picture of the room. Using multiple covered and regular change easily and seamlessly change the mood of the room, adjusting it to your personal sense of the owners.

The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers

TIP! Selecting the ideal curtain begins with a definition of its role in the interior: whether bed blanket bright accent in a room or become a harmonious part of the common space.

The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers
The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers

Color solution room often becomes decisive in the choice of a covered pitch. Most often, the veil is chosen to match the room, with the options permitted for one or two shades lighter or darker. This product will not stand out from the overall picture and not become an alien element in the overall harmony, although it may get lost in the background a bright and expressive detail. Therefore, more and more often designers prefer more light and elegant options: for example, white, milk or ivory. This blanket will decorate the room, the bedroom adding elegance and sophistication.

The final stage of design bedrooms - choose the design covers

Designers say that the veil of bedroom should be part of the overall style decision room: even the sophisticated and attractive, but absolutely do not fit into the general direction of the room does not become interior decoration. That is why the design of covers must be directly relevant to the style of the room:

  • A room in a romantic Provencal or elegant historic hotel is a luxurious backdrop for organic blankets with ruffles, frills and complicated decorative elements.
  • Ethnic styles require more than simple shapes and solutions. Quilted blankets made of natural fabrics, woven fabrics and tapestries - the ideal solution for the ethnic bedrooms.
  • Modern minimalist interiors need to be as rigorous and concise veils: the favorites here are monochrome products from synthetic materials or fur.

How To Arrange The Furniture In A Small Bedroom? - Recommendation From Designers

Recommendations designers: how to arrange the furniture in a small bedroom?

For owners of small square meters arrangement of a small bedroom turns into a puzzle solution. The first thing that comes to mind: you can buy a folding chair or couch - it will help free up the area. However, as a member of "Housing Problem" program said: "I would like to get out of the bedroom ... bedroom." How to achieve this goal?

how to arrange furniture in small bedroom
how to arrange furniture in small bedroom

Consider the possibilities

What kind of furniture you would like to place in the bedroom? Here is a typical set:

  • Bed.
  • Bedside tables.
  • Puffs.
  • The chair or small sofa.
  • Wardrobe for clothes and linen.
  • Chest of drawers.
  • Dressing table.
how to arrange furniture in small bedroom
how to arrange furniture in small bedroom

Many of these attributes are optional. Their presence is not necessary, but each of them can improve the comfort and functionality of the bedrooms.
Brush up much more comfortable sitting at her dressing table, than standing in the bathroom. On the ottoman can be folded bedspread and decorative pillows. Well, when there is a comfortable chair where you can stay with a cup of tea in your hand or a favorite book.

List items for a small-sized room will have to cut. Furniture for a small bedroom should include only the most necessary items. The main attribute - a bed, and the possibility to arrange other things regarded as secondary.

Make a plan

Well planned - a half-made business. Arrangement according to plan furniture items will be directly installed in its place, instead of moving them around the room and spoil the floor.

To perform a preliminary layout, transfer to the paper form of the room at a reduced size. Cut out of cardboard furniture on an appropriate scale. Try different versions of their location, until he stopped at an optimum.

You can create a schematic drawing of the special graphics editor, such as Microsoft Visio. If you are uncomfortable with the drawings, use the help of others. Find a knowledgeable person among friends or order services of a professional designer.

Consider ergonomics rules

Ergonomics - the science that will allow you to arrange the furniture properly. Disregarding the rules would lead to the fact that the route of movement in the room will be uncomfortable. You run the risk of constantly bumping into chairs, get a bed or chair, thumping on the corners.

how to arrange furniture in small bedroom

Options for placement of furniture

  • Arrangement of furniture, start with the bed.
  • Double bed set so that access to it was clear on both sides. If the width of the bed is equal to the width of the room, it is possible to install it close to the side walls. In this case, take care that the foot had a side and could stand freely, without disturbing your partner.
  • A twin or a queen-model easier to install: it is enough to leave a free passage to one side. The narrow room is better to place the bed across, and if space is not enough, then along one of the long walls.
  • Even small-sized space leaves room for experimentation. Try diagonal method location. In this case, the available space in the head - there you can put a floor lamp or a corner cabinet. Some increase the free area on the sides of the bed, which will place the other items - a low table, a chair.
  • Variant diagonal placement is well-suited for square rooms and permitting width, this method can be applied in a rectangular area. Will be a bed near a window or in a blank wall, it depends on the location of the entrance to the bedroom.

Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two

Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two

The addition of the family does not always happen at the same time with the addition of the infamous square meters. What to do and how to put another baby in the same area? Well, when each child has a separate room. But even if it is not, do not particularly upset. Designers offer many options for placement of two or even three children in a limited area.

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Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Distribute a small area of ​​the room between the 10-year-old child and a year-old toddler, of course, difficult. We'll have to pay attention not only on the arrangement of furniture and color scheme, but also to the fact children of gay or not. If a family heterosexual children, their beds are preferably placed in different rooms, and to practice and games to use a single room or area.

If a family has two children, recommended folding furniture, such as beds, retractable on the day (one of them can slide under the other). folding beds can be used embedded in a flat wall cupboard.

Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Bunk bed in this case - a real magic wand. The more children, the greater the costs, but this bed is easy to do with their hands on the basis of ottomans, sofas, or just the standard two mattresses on a wooden frame. Anyway, bunk bed - the simplest solution for two children's, allowing both to save space at the bottom and get the extra space at the top. The second floor should be well ventilated, not to be narrowed - low ceilings "crush".

Before distributing seats, listen to the wishes of the children themselves, to the inhabitants of the bottom shelf systems have not evolved and he did not feel wounded in rights. Kids love to climb up the ladder to the bed, and the first floor can be transformed into the playing area. Sami steps can be done in the form of boxes for a variety of children's details. If ceiling height allows, on the upper tier can arrange additional cabinets, shelves for the "secrets". Psychologists say that children who sleep on bunk beds, living together more or less fighting.

For the safety of the upper tier are built bumpers, bed railing. For us the more common model, in which one bed is directly under the other. That is how the bed looks most Russian factories. These models are made of solid pine or chipboard covered with laminate or melamine. In addition to the beds that are included in the kit are equipped with bed drawers and shelves and a spacious closet in the end of the bed.

At the bottom of every child should be provided in the use of their territory: a desk with drawers - for the older, play house, a box-box with toys - for the young.

Some companies, such as GALLI, and GAUTIER, assembles Sleeps different way: the tiers are arranged at right angles to each other. These models look pretty good, and also a private space for each child in this case is more detached. These beds one drawback: they take up more space in the room.

Special ingenuity in regard to placing the maximum number of children on the minimum area, the company is different DI LIDDO & PEREGO (Italy). The bunk beds it offers lower bunk moves along the wall panels on the rails and retracts under the top if necessary. There are arranged in such a way to model three. For three children, you can also use the square footage-saving bed in a chest from which consistently put forward three boxes - full beds.

Bedroom Design INTERIOR DESIGN HOUSE 3 sq.m

Bedroom Design INTERIOR DESIGN HOUSE 3 sq.m

Small apartment in the modern world are not uncommon and so many designers have applied a lot of effort for their arrangement. The main difficulty is to obtain a spacious and functional rooms in a small space. Therefore it is necessary to abandon the creation of specific areas or still to the detriment of the space to implement all the requirements applicable to the premises.

Creating the design of the room 3 by 3 meters, the problem is simplified, since in this case, despite the lack of physical space designer has to deal with the correct geometry. This means that to create a symmetrical logically complete design easier than in the premises of a rectangular shape, because they do not want to use the D effects to change the perception of the room, hide a niche or any other shortcomings of standard layouts.


A small bedroom is not always possible to fully realize the design ideas for the interior equipment. Nevertheless, even 9 sq. m will be enough to get a spacious bedroom and fit it is not only a place to relax, but also to establish a convenient storage for personal belongings.

To do this, you must get rid of superfluous decorative elements, unneeded items and overall furniture. Releasing even a small space will be a breath of fresh air in a confined space.

The best option would be installation of built-in wardrobe, if needed to create a room design 3 to 4 m, but in this situation it will not work to do and therefore have to use every possible niche and compact furniture.

Next you should consider the basic colors that will be used in each case. Usually for these purposes as a primary color selected neutral bright and pastel colors. They will relax and feel cozy and comfortable.

Naturally, it is better to abandon the use of any designs, drawings and photographs in favor of the monotonous color of the walls, as before going to bed should be no sad or encouraging thoughts. But if it must be done, it is better to perform the decoration of the walls, which attracted little attention before going to bed and is usually found at the head.

How To Build DIY Wooden Stairs - Wooden Stairs Design Ideas ( With Images )

How To Build DIY Wooden Stairs - Wooden Stairs Design Ideas ( With Images )

Building DIY Stairs is a great thing. to get it simple, wood is sounds good.  If in the future it is planned to house the second floor and attic, which means that during the building you encounter a problem mizhetazhnyh construction of stairs.
First of all, pay attention, of course, for their future security, durability and reliability, but also need to select the right material. Wood stairs often chosen because it can handle even a novice.

Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images
Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images

As for the type of construction, then there are two types of ladders:
- Marching;
- Screw.

Flight of stairs are simple in design and can be straight or turning. If you are new to the perfect construction, you can choose to stop direct propulsion stairs. In that case, when the number exceeds ten degrees, they must share the platform. By the way, in turning version of stairs, turns just done after the installation area.

Production of stairs to the house Handmade

For the purpose of construction of suburban stairs you need to stock up thick wooden bars of 40 mm, which will serve as stepping stones and edging board with the same cross-section as most bars. Do not forget the stainless screws.

Then it is necessary to chart the future of stairs - to determine their height, width, angles and number of steps. For this there are special computer programs.

You can do the ascent to the string or kosourŅ‹ (special beam that lies beneath the stair steps, while the string is the side steps). The standard used two ladder string sides.

Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images
Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images

After you connect the string with steps, proceed to create the supporting bars located under the stairs at uniform intervals. With a large angle you can do without these bars.

Then, the connection of the upper and lower string coated floor and wall respectively. Do not forget to pre-process the stair elements consisting of wood with a special compound to improve moisture resistance and other useful properties. It essentially will continue to service your future dates stairs.

Before you build a ladder, you must read with all building codes and regulations. Creating a project as required. When calculating the width of the ladder, remember that in the broad stairs to climb much easier and faster, but the count width based on the total space.

To determine the height attach directly underneath the board, which will overlap with a reserve intended place a ladder lift. Be sure to check with a level horizontal board and reset if necessary. If the level is constantly slips, show ingenuity and simply attach it to the board using adhesive tape.

Determining the slope angle is important for the comfort and safety of walking up the stairs. It may depend on the number of steps and their height. There are special tables that help determine the value of the angle of inclination and height levels.

DIY Railing stairs

Installation of handrails - as important and difficult stage. You must prepare balusters. As a counterpart wooden balusters can be used railings made of stainless steel. In a modern building stores to buy special hardware for stair railing, with their help installation much simpler.

Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images
Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images

We sincerely hope that our article with photos helped you answer the question of how to make a wooden ladder with their hands. If you feel that this is not for you, then you can easily order a wooden staircase.

Interior Color Ideas - Relaxing green color in the interior

Interior Color Ideas - Relaxing green color in the interior

Psychologists advise our time to make a mad rhythm of our lives a little green, which they claim is relaxing. Green is a combination of heat and cold, the sky and the sun. With its interior in shades of green, you make the same atmosphere of freshness and joy to your home. Green symbolized to us in the spring when all nature is awakened from sleep, because the green color brings a sense of harmony, peace and security.

However, using shades of color in its interior, you should be very careful, because green in many cases may not be combined with certain planes and textures. As well as shades of green can play a cruel joke with you at a particular light, so before you bring in your interior green thoroughly think over and weigh.

And, of course, do not forget that bright colors increase the space, making it the freshness and joy, and reduce dark space, but make the atmosphere calm and comfort.

However, do not get carried away in green when creating their interior designers are advised to dilute the color other colors, using them as accessories. Green combines shades of sand colors and with brown, orange, yellow and red hues.

Interior Color Ideas - Relaxing green color in the interior
Interior Color Ideas - Relaxing green color in the interior

Green and yellow are very well suited for the nursery and kitchen will look better mix of beige and green, but the combination of green and gold look perfect in office. Also, stylists advise not to use green color in the living room so it did not seem comfortable and not boring.

The bathroom in shades of green also not the best option, as in this case, your bathroom will trigger associations with mud. While sleeping green shades are ideal as green and relaxes him feel sleepy and it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calming her.

Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs

Bricks for interior design - fresh designs

Interestingly, the story masonry brick walls has more than four thousand years, but for internal processing of this building material have been actively used only in the late twentieth century when designers decided to convert industrial buildings on the original houses and administrative facilities.

Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs
Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs

Recently Facing were actively buy wholesale company engaged in repair of apartments and apartment buildings. The calling card of the unusual style "loft" were "naked" brick walls, diluted with expensive furniture, wrought iron staircases, exquisite accessories and gorgeous flooring and ceiling extraordinary design.

Tips arrangement "brick" of the interior in different styles

Brickwork is used not only in the loft-style, contemporary designers could introduce bricks and modern style, and high-tech, art deco and in even in fyuzhyn. Interiors in English and Scandinavian styles can boast not only the brick fireplace, but now the walls. The feature of each of these styles are different Komplektatsii of building objects and no borders for design simulation at fantasies not only brick walls:

  • Designers on rocks in a small apartment should not allocate more than two walls in brickwork;
  • cheaper and easier to place the wall ready facing bricks;
  • look original brick walls, painted in different colors or made of bricks of different types and forms;
  • Trend in the color palette of brick walls - pearly color;
  • Your apartment can turn into a medieval castle, and in the production cherdachok in house fishing hut or village;
  • necessarily following the conclusion of the walls must be cleaned of dust and cover varnish composition to not kryshyvsya brick;
  • "Postaryty" brick wall by using plaster solutions of acid or salt, paint or sandpaper, even the effect of "zakopchenyem" encouraged - it depends on design ideas.
Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs

Also experiment with brick columns and pillars, if you will allow the size of the apartment. Tall buildings can be finished with facing bricks even on the ceiling. Remember, whatever style interior you choose, "naked" brick walls are not combined with metal-plastic windows, linoleum floors and furniture MDF - prefer over the wooden and the heavier they are - the better. Good luck interior solutions.

Interior Desin Artwork - Interior design is an art

Interior Desin Artwork - Interior design is an art

As a composite reception interior design is an art, it gives a sense of order, peace, rest, officialdom. But in some areas of the functional use of symmetry can be considered necessary, such as in children's room, calculated for two children, or in the parents' bedroom.

The feeling is enhanced symmetry symmetrical arrangement of bedside tables, table lamps and even a mirror hanging on the wall opposite the window. Asymmetry, unlike symmetry. Repeat closely associated with symmetry in which both sides are the same subjects axis.

With repetition remain the same color, texture, material, size, but if there are small variations in the design of some of the components shown, there is a caveat, a sharp contrast to the change generates. When you resize the shape can be maintained. At the core of the difference is the size of similar shapes or geometric.

Occupation furnishing your apartment or house is better to entrust his beloved wife, and women with taste better, and her husband from work nothing will distract, let him work on the family good health. Not for nothing do they say that a woman should be the guardian of the hearth, and the man is the breadwinner and earner in the family).

But first, a bit about the history of design. The word "design" has been borrowed in the Russian language from the Italian language (from Italian "Disegno and translates as composition, plan, model, sketch, etc.

The names of many designers today are inscribed in history:. Mario Bellini, Matali Crasset, Thonet Michael, Tom Dixon and a number of other names, through which laid the foundation for this art form. The first echoes of modern art design, account for the period.

Small Room Design - The Advantage and Disanvantage For Less Space

Small Room Design - The Advantage and Disanvantage For Less Space

Furniture design small bedroom with open items take up much less space, and if it does not make a depth of 60 and 55 or 50 cm, the cookware will still fits, and a small swivel and pull-out elements save precious space.  Consumer electronics in a small kitchen built-in or pull-out, and a fridge (as without it?) Narrow, but if. Dressing table. It is recommended to install a sloping wall with a window.

Small Room Design - The Advantage and Disanvantage For Less Space

  • Advantage: your face will be lit by natural light. 
  • Disadvantage: the mirror opposite the bed (which is not advised by psychologists). 

The latter problem can be solved by selecting a desktop model that can "turn away" from the bed. Wardrobes, shelves. We'll have to make to order, even in the framework of a modular program for the dressing room. Model with a beveled top visually give the room a regular shape and a small entirely fill the space.

Photo: Custom cabinets and shelves with a beveled top sniveliruyut visual proportions of the space. The article used the image m. Next Interior bedroom 13 square meters. m. Examples of design Design bedrooms 13 squares, Fitted Bedrooms 13 m. Bedroom 13 sq. meters, is large enough to implement all his ideas, but there will have to think through every element in the design to achieve the best results.

 Kitchen sets white. White dishes are very popular, they look stylish and elegant. Kitchen white - out of time. The white kitchen is obtained at the same time bright and light, but it is calm and neutral. She carries a net charge of a small bedroom design of positive energy and freshness. Undoubtedly, the white version of the stylish kitchen design kitchen interior. The white color is perfect.

How To Design The Bedroom Wall With Stylish Decoration

How To Design The Bedroom Wall With Stylish Decoration

Often enough the original design only one wall to the interior of the bedroom has become a unique and stylish, has found its own mood. There are many simple ways to decorate and finish that can be applied individually or in combination.

In order to determine for themselves how to decorate a wall in the bedroom, it is possible to base one of the ideas listed below. And to make it look harmonious, study advice at the end.

Stylish design options for the walls

The bedroom is often one way or another wall at the head of the bed stands. Thus unable to determine the main function room area, and make the interior interesting. But it is not hard and fast rule, but only the most common option. Besides it, there are others.

So, sometimes a place at the head is empty, but next to or on a nearby wall is a mirror in an unusual frame or picture. To choose the most appropriate way to design the walls, it is important to take into account the size of the room, the location of the bed and other features. But more on that later. And now - the most popular ways to make the original bedroom.


This method of decoration is used in different styles of interior. You can use a single wide rectangular painting, placing it at the head, and it is possible to create a composition of several smaller. The latter option is suitable not only to fill the space directly above the bed. This way you can draw and an entire wall.


With mirrors almost the same story as with the pictures. Often they are placed in the original frame and make a composition on the wall. But there is another option - square mirrors are placed close to each other, separated by a thin molding. So you can create a rather large mirror cloth. It can be executed quite succinctly, but often it is used in textile drapery.

Isolation of one wall of the original finish

Depending on the stylistic solutions, a separate bedroom wall can be isolated photo wallpapers, wallpaper with a more vivid picture with respect to the entire interior, decorative plaster, brickwork.

Wall panels

Currently, there is a huge selection of wall panels. Among them you can find options for virtually every taste and wealth. The result is a stylish, but rather laconic variant design of the whole area of the wall or headboard.

DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration

DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration

Even the most minimalist interior decor needs, even though it will be very brief. No matter which style you prefer, empty walls it will look dull, and the room will seem uncomfortable. Today, there are many ready-made solutions for decoration, but can also show imagination and create something unique.

DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration
DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration

If you choose wall decor in the apartment with his hands, the photo has already finished work will help to find ideas and inspire. But before you start to creativity, it is important to learn about the basic rules and the placement of elements on the plane.

Basic principles of decorating the walls

Everyone who decided to take his own dressing should have artistic taste at least at the amateur level. This quality gives you a better chance to create a harmonious interior. But if you are not completely sure of your taste, then you will be recommendations and illustrations of finished works presented here.

DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration
DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration

Decorate the wall can be a variety of ways. For this purpose, paintings and photographs, stickers, drawing the image colors, pictures, crafts, and even clothes, books, carved out of wood or plastic geometric shapes, empty frames, and much, much more. What unites all of these things? The fact that they fill an empty space. And to the entire interior look harmonious, decorative elements should be located in a balanced.

DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration

To support this balance is quite simple. Firstly, all decorative composition should be at a certain distance from the wall and interior boundaries. For example, if you want to fill the space above the sofa, then you need to back off a little up from the back, and the same amount of space to leave on top. It is also important to see to it that the composition was placed evenly and horizontally.

DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration

Decorative elements should not be too high or too low on the wall. The best position for the perception is 150 - 160 cm from the floor. It is here that should be the most expressive details, if you plan to create a large-scale composition.

DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration
DIY Apartment's Wall Decoration