Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two

Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two

The addition of the family does not always happen at the same time with the addition of the infamous square meters. What to do and how to put another baby in the same area? Well, when each child has a separate room. But even if it is not, do not particularly upset. Designers offer many options for placement of two or even three children in a limited area.

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Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Distribute a small area of ​​the room between the 10-year-old child and a year-old toddler, of course, difficult. We'll have to pay attention not only on the arrangement of furniture and color scheme, but also to the fact children of gay or not. If a family heterosexual children, their beds are preferably placed in different rooms, and to practice and games to use a single room or area.

If a family has two children, recommended folding furniture, such as beds, retractable on the day (one of them can slide under the other). folding beds can be used embedded in a flat wall cupboard.

Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Children Bedroom Sets Ideas - Children's bedroom For two
Bunk bed in this case - a real magic wand. The more children, the greater the costs, but this bed is easy to do with their hands on the basis of ottomans, sofas, or just the standard two mattresses on a wooden frame. Anyway, bunk bed - the simplest solution for two children's, allowing both to save space at the bottom and get the extra space at the top. The second floor should be well ventilated, not to be narrowed - low ceilings "crush".

Before distributing seats, listen to the wishes of the children themselves, to the inhabitants of the bottom shelf systems have not evolved and he did not feel wounded in rights. Kids love to climb up the ladder to the bed, and the first floor can be transformed into the playing area. Sami steps can be done in the form of boxes for a variety of children's details. If ceiling height allows, on the upper tier can arrange additional cabinets, shelves for the "secrets". Psychologists say that children who sleep on bunk beds, living together more or less fighting.

For the safety of the upper tier are built bumpers, bed railing. For us the more common model, in which one bed is directly under the other. That is how the bed looks most Russian factories. These models are made of solid pine or chipboard covered with laminate or melamine. In addition to the beds that are included in the kit are equipped with bed drawers and shelves and a spacious closet in the end of the bed.

At the bottom of every child should be provided in the use of their territory: a desk with drawers - for the older, play house, a box-box with toys - for the young.

Some companies, such as GALLI, and GAUTIER, assembles Sleeps different way: the tiers are arranged at right angles to each other. These models look pretty good, and also a private space for each child in this case is more detached. These beds one drawback: they take up more space in the room.

Special ingenuity in regard to placing the maximum number of children on the minimum area, the company is different DI LIDDO & PEREGO (Italy). The bunk beds it offers lower bunk moves along the wall panels on the rails and retracts under the top if necessary. There are arranged in such a way to model three. For three children, you can also use the square footage-saving bed in a chest from which consistently put forward three boxes - full beds.

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