How To Arrange The Furniture In A Small Bedroom? - Recommendation From Designers

Recommendations designers: how to arrange the furniture in a small bedroom?

For owners of small square meters arrangement of a small bedroom turns into a puzzle solution. The first thing that comes to mind: you can buy a folding chair or couch - it will help free up the area. However, as a member of "Housing Problem" program said: "I would like to get out of the bedroom ... bedroom." How to achieve this goal?

how to arrange furniture in small bedroom
how to arrange furniture in small bedroom

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Consider the possibilities

What kind of furniture you would like to place in the bedroom? Here is a typical set:

  • Bed.
  • Bedside tables.
  • Puffs.
  • The chair or small sofa.
  • Wardrobe for clothes and linen.
  • Chest of drawers.
  • Dressing table.
how to arrange furniture in small bedroom
how to arrange furniture in small bedroom

Many of these attributes are optional. Their presence is not necessary, but each of them can improve the comfort and functionality of the bedrooms.
Brush up much more comfortable sitting at her dressing table, than standing in the bathroom. On the ottoman can be folded bedspread and decorative pillows. Well, when there is a comfortable chair where you can stay with a cup of tea in your hand or a favorite book.

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List items for a small-sized room will have to cut. Furniture for a small bedroom should include only the most necessary items. The main attribute - a bed, and the possibility to arrange other things regarded as secondary.

Make a plan

Well planned - a half-made business. Arrangement according to plan furniture items will be directly installed in its place, instead of moving them around the room and spoil the floor.

To perform a preliminary layout, transfer to the paper form of the room at a reduced size. Cut out of cardboard furniture on an appropriate scale. Try different versions of their location, until he stopped at an optimum.

You can create a schematic drawing of the special graphics editor, such as Microsoft Visio. If you are uncomfortable with the drawings, use the help of others. Find a knowledgeable person among friends or order services of a professional designer.

Consider ergonomics rules

Ergonomics - the science that will allow you to arrange the furniture properly. Disregarding the rules would lead to the fact that the route of movement in the room will be uncomfortable. You run the risk of constantly bumping into chairs, get a bed or chair, thumping on the corners.

how to arrange furniture in small bedroom

Options for placement of furniture

  • Arrangement of furniture, start with the bed.
  • Double bed set so that access to it was clear on both sides. If the width of the bed is equal to the width of the room, it is possible to install it close to the side walls. In this case, take care that the foot had a side and could stand freely, without disturbing your partner.
  • A twin or a queen-model easier to install: it is enough to leave a free passage to one side. The narrow room is better to place the bed across, and if space is not enough, then along one of the long walls.
  • Even small-sized space leaves room for experimentation. Try diagonal method location. In this case, the available space in the head - there you can put a floor lamp or a corner cabinet. Some increase the free area on the sides of the bed, which will place the other items - a low table, a chair.
  • Variant diagonal placement is well-suited for square rooms and permitting width, this method can be applied in a rectangular area. Will be a bed near a window or in a blank wall, it depends on the location of the entrance to the bedroom.

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