How To Design The Bedroom Wall With Stylish Decoration

How To Design The Bedroom Wall With Stylish Decoration

Often enough the original design only one wall to the interior of the bedroom has become a unique and stylish, has found its own mood. There are many simple ways to decorate and finish that can be applied individually or in combination.

In order to determine for themselves how to decorate a wall in the bedroom, it is possible to base one of the ideas listed below. And to make it look harmonious, study advice at the end.

Stylish design options for the walls

The bedroom is often one way or another wall at the head of the bed stands. Thus unable to determine the main function room area, and make the interior interesting. But it is not hard and fast rule, but only the most common option. Besides it, there are others.

So, sometimes a place at the head is empty, but next to or on a nearby wall is a mirror in an unusual frame or picture. To choose the most appropriate way to design the walls, it is important to take into account the size of the room, the location of the bed and other features. But more on that later. And now - the most popular ways to make the original bedroom.


This method of decoration is used in different styles of interior. You can use a single wide rectangular painting, placing it at the head, and it is possible to create a composition of several smaller. The latter option is suitable not only to fill the space directly above the bed. This way you can draw and an entire wall.


With mirrors almost the same story as with the pictures. Often they are placed in the original frame and make a composition on the wall. But there is another option - square mirrors are placed close to each other, separated by a thin molding. So you can create a rather large mirror cloth. It can be executed quite succinctly, but often it is used in textile drapery.

Isolation of one wall of the original finish

Depending on the stylistic solutions, a separate bedroom wall can be isolated photo wallpapers, wallpaper with a more vivid picture with respect to the entire interior, decorative plaster, brickwork.

Wall panels

Currently, there is a huge selection of wall panels. Among them you can find options for virtually every taste and wealth. The result is a stylish, but rather laconic variant design of the whole area of the wall or headboard.

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