Interior Desin Artwork - Interior design is an art

Interior Desin Artwork - Interior design is an art

As a composite reception interior design is an art, it gives a sense of order, peace, rest, officialdom. But in some areas of the functional use of symmetry can be considered necessary, such as in children's room, calculated for two children, or in the parents' bedroom.

The feeling is enhanced symmetry symmetrical arrangement of bedside tables, table lamps and even a mirror hanging on the wall opposite the window. Asymmetry, unlike symmetry. Repeat closely associated with symmetry in which both sides are the same subjects axis.

With repetition remain the same color, texture, material, size, but if there are small variations in the design of some of the components shown, there is a caveat, a sharp contrast to the change generates. When you resize the shape can be maintained. At the core of the difference is the size of similar shapes or geometric.

Occupation furnishing your apartment or house is better to entrust his beloved wife, and women with taste better, and her husband from work nothing will distract, let him work on the family good health. Not for nothing do they say that a woman should be the guardian of the hearth, and the man is the breadwinner and earner in the family).

But first, a bit about the history of design. The word "design" has been borrowed in the Russian language from the Italian language (from Italian "Disegno and translates as composition, plan, model, sketch, etc.

The names of many designers today are inscribed in history:. Mario Bellini, Matali Crasset, Thonet Michael, Tom Dixon and a number of other names, through which laid the foundation for this art form. The first echoes of modern art design, account for the period.

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