Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs

Bricks for interior design - fresh designs

Interestingly, the story masonry brick walls has more than four thousand years, but for internal processing of this building material have been actively used only in the late twentieth century when designers decided to convert industrial buildings on the original houses and administrative facilities.

Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs
Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs

Recently Facing were actively buy wholesale company engaged in repair of apartments and apartment buildings. The calling card of the unusual style "loft" were "naked" brick walls, diluted with expensive furniture, wrought iron staircases, exquisite accessories and gorgeous flooring and ceiling extraordinary design.

Tips arrangement "brick" of the interior in different styles

Brickwork is used not only in the loft-style, contemporary designers could introduce bricks and modern style, and high-tech, art deco and in even in fyuzhyn. Interiors in English and Scandinavian styles can boast not only the brick fireplace, but now the walls. The feature of each of these styles are different Komplektatsii of building objects and no borders for design simulation at fantasies not only brick walls:

  • Designers on rocks in a small apartment should not allocate more than two walls in brickwork;
  • cheaper and easier to place the wall ready facing bricks;
  • look original brick walls, painted in different colors or made of bricks of different types and forms;
  • Trend in the color palette of brick walls - pearly color;
  • Your apartment can turn into a medieval castle, and in the production cherdachok in house fishing hut or village;
  • necessarily following the conclusion of the walls must be cleaned of dust and cover varnish composition to not kryshyvsya brick;
  • "Postaryty" brick wall by using plaster solutions of acid or salt, paint or sandpaper, even the effect of "zakopchenyem" encouraged - it depends on design ideas.
Bricks For Interior Design - Fresh Designs

Also experiment with brick columns and pillars, if you will allow the size of the apartment. Tall buildings can be finished with facing bricks even on the ceiling. Remember, whatever style interior you choose, "naked" brick walls are not combined with metal-plastic windows, linoleum floors and furniture MDF - prefer over the wooden and the heavier they are - the better. Good luck interior solutions.

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