Design a child's room in the attic - How to equip a child 's room ?

Design a child's room in the attic - How to equip a child 's room ?

Many underestimate the attic space, but can be placed in the attic of a full room, for example, belongs to the child. But to the young resident was comfortable there, attention to detail and design a child's room consider some features.

Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room
Design a child's room in the attic - How to equip a child s room

Pros and cons of placing a child's room in the attic

If you decide to place a child's room in the attic, you must first weigh the "pros" and "cons."

You should start with the pros:

  • The first indisputable advantage - it's a private space. And although it is not so large in size, the child will be happy and that. In addition, it will be even more comfortable in the cozy little room, rather than in large.
  • If you use the space efficiently and correctly, the attic will turn into a small cozy corner.
  • If the window is positioned directly in the roof, the child will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the starry sky. In addition, it will provide a sufficient amount of natural light, which is very important in the regeneration of a child's room.
  • The room is located in the attic, it has an unusual shape, and if you develop an interesting design, it can make the room unique.
  • The room is in the attic and is therefore protected from extraneous sounds that can be heard from other rooms.


  • In the attic a lot of space, so you have to try to fit on such a small area everything you need.
  • If one window in the room may be too dark, and then you have to pay special attention to artificial lighting.
  • If a small child, the placement of a child's room in the attic connected with some risks, because it can fall down the stairs with a failed attempt to climb or descend.
  • It may be difficult to position furniture.

Space Organization

Loft has its own design features. First, in the attic is not as much space as we would like, secondly, irregular shape. Therefore, it is not necessary to divide the room into zones, it can break a space. And use the area most efficiently.

Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room
Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room

To make a child's room should be chosen light and quiet colors, as dark saturated or may create a gloomy atmosphere and bright irritate the child's psyche. And it is desirable to give preference to lighter tones because they are, firstly, makes the room lighter secondly allows to smooth the sharp corners in the space, and thirdly, increase the visual space. Suit pale yellow, blue, peach, pink, lilac color.

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Design a child's room - is, above all, decoration. And to the attic it was cozy and roomy as possible, choose simple materials because volume and complex billing, as you know, bring the surface and thereby "stealing" square centimeters or even meters, which are so necessary.

When placing walls, remember that one or two would be tilted, and the other two have an irregular shape. And this means that they should not have the figures, they can be very varied. Choose calm and light materials, such as paint, paneling or wallpaper simple. The slope of the wall can be transformed into a starry sky, if it pasted themed wallpaper. And one of the lines still can be distinguished, if you really want to make a design something unusual and bright. Try to arrange it in a bright color or decorate the pictures, such as flowers, a landscape or a simple image or fairy cartoon characters.

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The selection and placement of furniture

In the attic is necessary to place only the most necessary furniture, as unnecessary here just do not fit. The most important subject is, of course, the bed. Put it desirable to have one of the walls. And if the roof is not in the room comes from the floor, it is possible to arrange a berth directly at the beginning of the slope, so you can save space.

A full rack can not fit, but the design will not be harmed, though the storage space will be much smaller, and it is a minus. But you can make this piece of furniture to order, then it will fit perfectly into the interior, and will not stand out in space. But if this option does not suit you, try to replace it with a modular complex consisting of freestanding pedestals.

Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room
Design a childs room in the attic - How to equip a child s room

Also, do not be amiss dresser. Such things, of course, it is better to place along the straight walls. By the way, the surface can perform the function of shelves, which perfectly accommodate accessories, and books. Workplace with a compact table and a chair, it is desirable to place next to the window that the child was comfortable to deal with.

Lighting: natural and artificial

The child should be light, but do so in the attic, unfortunately, is not easy. And yet, if properly consider the lighting, you can kill two birds: to make the room bright and supplement or refresh design.

You should start with natural light, ie, windows. Do not force it, use the weightless light curtains: plain or decorated with understated pattern.
Now the artificial lighting. From the classic version in the form of a central source, it is desirable to give up, he can be very isolated and focus on small or irregularly shaped children's room.

A spotlights not only dispel the light, but with the right location will help to identify areas and even visually expand the boundaries of what the attic is more than appropriate. Overloading baby accessories in the attic is not necessary, but without them can not do. Use flowers, photos or pictures in frames. Let the children in the attic will be a cozy corner for your child.

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