Features Installation of shower

Features Installation of shower

Showers new generation of products are very different from 20 years ago. Ready showers is now a real achievement of modern technology and design art. Unfortunately, progress in this area limits the self-installation in question, since this process requires appropriate training of the master. Otherwise, you risk ruin an expensive purchase.

Features Installation of shower
Features Installation of shower

Installation of the shower, especially

Features shower installation is its location in the spacious bathroom, the question of its connection to electricity and connect to water and sanitation, and therefore need the skills once in three specialties: electrician, plumber and installer.

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There are certain limitations that should be considered in the process. Experienced master must know these details:

  • Along with a shower should not be a washing machine. Its vibrations adversely affect the work of the shower, so the distance between them must be at least 60 cm.
  • Cockpit can be set where there is no ventilation. And it must be located no farther than 30 cm. The best option would be to extract a forced ventilation to the premises is not accumulated moisture.
  • Between the cabin ceiling and the top clearance can not be less than 15 cm.
Features Installation of shower
Features Installation of shower

Connecting to communications shower

Showers may differ on a set of inherent in their duties. The most complex structures must be provided with a separate outlet and preferably a separate line, which should work to protect the cockpit in high humidity. This should be earthed socket. This issue requires special attention, since, for example, in older homes, the wiring can not withstand the power of the cab in working condition.

Job electricity is to install separate RCD and separate outlet with fuse 16 A. cope with the problem only by professionals with experience in this area. Reminzhstroy ready to provide all possible assistance and advise. The consequences of poor quality in this case may be the most serious, because the current challenge in the bathroom can lead to death.

For the rest of skilled plumber need. Cockpit must be connected to hot and cold water supply and sanitation. for inexpensive models of economy class installation scheme is usually quite simple, but the shower installation features top class at a high price and large feature set make "sweat" even an experienced master.

It should be noted that the price range is wide enough showers. Sophisticated devices can be considered, ranging from 30-40 thousand. Rub. therefore, decided to buy a quality way is not worth saving plumbing to master, without which it can easily spoil.

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