Pastel colors in the interior : features, styles, photo

Pastel colors in the interior: features, styles, photo

Pastel colors the most delicate and soft, they will help to create an atmosphere of lightness, of weightlessness and comfort in the interior. Design in pastel colors will look sophisticated and spring-like light.

Pastel colors in the interior can be present in the main background furniture or accessories. The colors of the range are perfectly combined with each other, which allows their use in different stylistic directions design. To select a combination of colors is based on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in the house and what style you want to arrange the room.

Pastel colors in the interior
Pastel colors in the interior
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Pastel colors have a number of advantages that are popular in interior design:

  • The calm neutral tones reflect and muffle surrounding bright colors. Therefore, the use of summer more saturated colors create an atmosphere of freshness and coolness, and in winter - on the contrary make the room Bole "warm".
  • Pastel colors make the interior quiet, elegant and easy. You only need to choose the right color combination, as well as furniture and accessories.
  • The room is decorated in pastel tones, will be more visually bright and spacious. Especially useful this feature is for small rooms, which, moreover, are not on the sunny side.

Selection of colors to the cardinal

Tone for design in pastel colors are selected depending on the light side.

  • South. For the south side should be chosen cool shades. These include lilac, turquoise, ultramarine, white with a blue tint. This palette is suitable for both small and large room with plenty of natural light, the room will not look washed out, and on sunny hot days filled with cool visual.
  • North. For the rooms, on the other hand you need to use warm colors are on the north side. Such as peach, pink, sand, light brown. These shades of pastel colors in the interior visually make it warmer.

Pastel colors in the interior
Pastel colors in the interior

The choice of style for design in pastel colors

Selecting the stylistic direction for design in pastel colors is dependent on the kind of atmosphere you want to create in the house and what style in the design preferred.

Scandinavian style
Scandinavian style characterized by a large amount of air and light. The main use is often perfectly white color, which makes all the pastel shades perfectly appropriate in the interior. Good will contrast with the wood elements the combination of white, gray and blue. Light colors make the interior a fresh, airy and visually expand the space.

Provence in the design embodies comfort, softness and freshness. Accordingly, the most suitable for this style shades are soft lavender, azure, blue, yellow, olive and always white. Floral print is often used in the style of Provence for both furniture upholstery and decorative elements in the selection.
Wood in its different variations in perfect harmony with the palette. Shade trees are selected in accordance with the basic color of the interior. So much for the cool colors of the tree will be most appropriate color of lavender.

The main colors in the interior style Shabby-chic - white, pastel pink, blue. It is particularly important that in such colors has been sustained and furniture, textiles and accessories.

Pastel colors in the interior
Pastel colors in the interior

The traditional combination of black and white color, typical of minimalism, you can successfully replace the light and airy pastel colors. They have the same ability to give the room a visual "extension" and the feeling of weightlessness. In this case, the interior pastels may be used as the basic colors, and in the selection of accessories. There are no restrictions when selecting shades.

Ideally, the interior in this style requires a lot of space and light. The decoration used rough texture: bricks, untreated wood, concrete. An excellent option would be the wall of white brick, combined with furniture or accessories in pastel colors.

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