How To Make Bedroom Design in the Japanese Style

How to make bedroom design in the Japanese style

Making the bedroom in the Japanese style is becoming more popular, because the style allows to solve several pressing problems. First, the appropriate style smokers of any size, including the smallest. Second, to create it fairly minimal expressive means and financial costs. Finally, it is an eco-friendly style, using natural materials, which is very important for health.

Japanese bedroom design ideas
Japanese bedroom design ideas

Japanese interior style is very fully expresses the eastern approach to life slowly, meditation, relaxation, search for harmony within yourself and in the world.

The basis of the style of the following principles:

  • Minimalism. Japanese interior bedroom contains nothing superfluous, nothing, without which it would be impossible to do. Only then will the energy to move freely around the room, without encountering obstacles in its path, and it is extremely important from the point of view of Eastern philosophy. Minimalism comes sometimes to extremes, for example, in the Japanese house is very rare to find a bed, they are replaced by laid on the floor mats, which are harvested during the day.
  • Practicality. Welcome items that can be used directly in a number of needs. For example, a high trunk can sit and futon store inside it - mattresses, replacing the Japanese bed.
  • Environmentally friendly. Design a bedroom involves the use of only natural materials - wood, glass, silk, paper. Materials for walls, floors, ceilings should be only natural.
  • Mobility. Disposition of the Japanese house is not stationary, it keeps changing depending on the time of day and the needs of its inhabitants. The same room can serve as a living room during the day, in the morning - a gym, and in the evening - a bedroom. This is largely due to convertible furniture, as well as the widespread use of screens.

Japanese bedroom design ideas
Japanese bedroom design ideas

Japanese bedroom Color ideas

Bedroom in the Japanese style, can not be executed in bright color combinations, be colorful, very active. Tranquility and relaxation require light, pure tones, mostly neutral. The most commonly used white, gray, cream, beige tone. As an act of contrasting colors black, dark brown, less often - red and blue.

Japanese Bedroom decoration

For interior decoration used natural materials such as wood, bricks, cloth and paper. Because it is made portable "walls" - the screen by which zoned space.

  • Floor. The best thing will match the style of wooden flooring. You can use a laminate of bamboo. On top floor is placed wicker mat in Japanese homes, these mats are changed twice a year.
  • Walls. In Japanese interior bedroom walls can be tightened with a cloth covered with wood paneling. You can leave on the mind and the brickwork, it is quite fit into the style. One requirement - colors of the walls and the floor must be united, but at the same time the floor is darker, sometimes significantly.
  • Ceiling. Odnotononny ceiling necessarily matte - an ideal option, it should be free of cracks, roughness, more perfect than it is - the better. Therefore, the most commonly used ceilings or closed ceiling frosted glass, behind which arranged lighting.

Japanese bedroom design ideas
Japanese bedroom design ideas


To the atmosphere of relaxation nothing disturbed, in the design of the bedroom in the Japanese style is forbidden to use too bright and sharp light. Typically, light sources pritenyat opaque shades and shades, they are often made from rice paper, which can be white or colored, patterned or without.
For lampshades also use frosted glass. In that case, if the lamps have their own color, it should either be combined with the color of the walls and ceiling, or play the role of a harmonious color accents.

Japanese Bedroom Furniture

Furniture, which is very little, are generally quite low. It has a very simple geometric shapes, and devoid of decorations - carvings, inlays and the like should not be.

The traditional "bed" Japanese - mattress, retractable day in a cabinet or chest. In recent years, European tradition gradually began to spread in Japan, so there are real beds in the bedrooms, but they are always low and have a rectangular shape. Back in the bedroom can be a low table for tea, and a closet with sliding doors of frosted glass, mirrors or rice paper. Valid as low dressers.


One of the essential attributes of Japanese style - rice paper items, in particular - the screen. With their help, one large room into an instant several small, select a sleeping area or area to work in the common room, to share different sexes of children in the nursery at night. Frames for screens made of wood or bamboo, and they cover the paper, decorated with ornaments or pictures


Design bedroom provides for the use of textile elements made from natural fibers. This can be silk, cotton, flax, and bamboo fiber products. Bed linen is decorated with hieroglyphs. The curtains on the windows should be light, simple in form, folds, flounces, frills lush not allowed. Preference should be given to the so-called Japanese curtains.

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