How To Build DIY Wooden Stairs - Wooden Stairs Design Ideas ( With Images )

How To Build DIY Wooden Stairs - Wooden Stairs Design Ideas ( With Images )

Building DIY Stairs is a great thing. to get it simple, wood is sounds good.  If in the future it is planned to house the second floor and attic, which means that during the building you encounter a problem mizhetazhnyh construction of stairs.
First of all, pay attention, of course, for their future security, durability and reliability, but also need to select the right material. Wood stairs often chosen because it can handle even a novice.

Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images
Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images

As for the type of construction, then there are two types of ladders:
- Marching;
- Screw.

Flight of stairs are simple in design and can be straight or turning. If you are new to the perfect construction, you can choose to stop direct propulsion stairs. In that case, when the number exceeds ten degrees, they must share the platform. By the way, in turning version of stairs, turns just done after the installation area.

Production of stairs to the house Handmade

For the purpose of construction of suburban stairs you need to stock up thick wooden bars of 40 mm, which will serve as stepping stones and edging board with the same cross-section as most bars. Do not forget the stainless screws.

Then it is necessary to chart the future of stairs - to determine their height, width, angles and number of steps. For this there are special computer programs.

You can do the ascent to the string or kosourŅ‹ (special beam that lies beneath the stair steps, while the string is the side steps). The standard used two ladder string sides.

Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images
Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images

After you connect the string with steps, proceed to create the supporting bars located under the stairs at uniform intervals. With a large angle you can do without these bars.

Then, the connection of the upper and lower string coated floor and wall respectively. Do not forget to pre-process the stair elements consisting of wood with a special compound to improve moisture resistance and other useful properties. It essentially will continue to service your future dates stairs.

Before you build a ladder, you must read with all building codes and regulations. Creating a project as required. When calculating the width of the ladder, remember that in the broad stairs to climb much easier and faster, but the count width based on the total space.

To determine the height attach directly underneath the board, which will overlap with a reserve intended place a ladder lift. Be sure to check with a level horizontal board and reset if necessary. If the level is constantly slips, show ingenuity and simply attach it to the board using adhesive tape.

Determining the slope angle is important for the comfort and safety of walking up the stairs. It may depend on the number of steps and their height. There are special tables that help determine the value of the angle of inclination and height levels.

DIY Railing stairs

Installation of handrails - as important and difficult stage. You must prepare balusters. As a counterpart wooden balusters can be used railings made of stainless steel. In a modern building stores to buy special hardware for stair railing, with their help installation much simpler.

Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images
Wooden Stairs Design Ideas Images

We sincerely hope that our article with photos helped you answer the question of how to make a wooden ladder with their hands. If you feel that this is not for you, then you can easily order a wooden staircase.

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