How To Put Washing machine in a small bathroom In the Right way for Space Saving

The bathroom contains at least a bath (or shower), a toilet, a washbasin fit into a small room. And additional things, there are washing machine, a laundry basket, a locker for small items, etc. Placing a washing machine in a small bathroom is a particular problem. 
The standard machine has quite impressive dimensions. Nevertheless, this problem is solved. we have to thinking about this because small space need to be arranged.

many people live in apartments with a very small area. In particular, the bathroom space is also kind of minimalist. it does make sense. By reducing the size of bathrooms, designers increase the living space of apartments. 
On the other side, a small bathroom is not the main deal, but with the right arrangement, even a small bathroom will become a functional and convenient room, a great place to get a charge of cheerfulness when you take a bath in the morning and for relaxation in the evening.

You can use the following options to get your washing machine well placed and space saving:
Washing machine in a small bathroom for Space Saving
Washing machine in a small bathroom for Space Saving
  • Place the washing machine under the sink. In the houses of the old model, the design does not provide for the installation of a washing machine. It is convenient to place washing machines under the flat sinks. However, in this case, the sink may be placed excessively high 

Washing machine in a small bathroom for Space Saving
Washing machine in a small bathroom for Space Saving

  • put the washing machine next to the washbasin. For harmony, it is better to combine them with one counter top. In order to visually expand the space, a large mirror will be correctly hung over the countertop.
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In addition, you can increase the free space in the bathroom to fit a washing machine. For example, install a shower instead of a bath. Often the bath takes half the area of ​​the bathroom, and the smallest size of the shower is 80 by 80 centimeters. On the vacant space, you can put a washing machine, lockers, laundry basket, etc.

Let's consider in detail the first variant, with the installation of the machine under the sink. It should be said that this is an extreme case of expansion of space and it should be used only if other options for installing the machine in the bathroom do not fit

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