Beautiful Small Balcony Ideas with Photos

planning small space, we have to think about the balcony. balcony mostly wasted but in the other side it really useful and match to any room we want. in this small balcony we can do a lot more improvement of making bedroom, kitchen, etc. and here it is the photos that you may catch some ideas from them.
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as it can be considered become an extension of the room itself, the balcony makes the bedroom feel fresh and open. It completely changes the atmosphere and it's like being able to connect to the atmosphere outside

I really like this bedroom because it done pretty nice. they sure did maximize this one as a bedroom even this space is quite small; it looks so comfort for people who get the tensions in their rough day after work.

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as we said, we dont have to belong a huge space to create the beautifulness. mini garden looks nice, and the plants in the pots also grow as well because they're had enough air and sunshine

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