7 Different Floor/tiles Covering options for Decorating any room

There will be 7 different sample decorations of floor covering options in this site. Ceramic to wood, laminat gross concrete, etc in quite different options, let's see which ones will touch your heart to you the most.

1) Marbleite ceramic tiles
It is an individual to add a glittering atmosphere to the house! The marble is known as a ceramic, and the top surface is a gleaming surface because of the reflection that they create bright polished ceramic parrons.  

Marbleite ceramic tiles
Marbleite ceramic tiles
In general, these shiny polished ceramics, which are in large tiles and are more suitable for large spaces, are often preferred in workplaces for easy dirt and stain retention. They are not suitable for areas such as stairs because of being slippery.

2) Natural stone tiles
Natural stone, which are cut into smooth tiles but whose surfaces are natural in appearance, are in perfect harmony with many styles of decoration, adding to the rustic style , moderately addictive. 

natural stone tiles
natural stone tiles
The contrast that the parts have to have smooth geometric shapes but the natural appearance of the surfaces is particularly intriguing and stylish.

3) Wooden lamine parquet
Just like synthetic laminates, wooden laminated parquets that look much more chic and mountainous because they are easily furnished and are actually made of real timber have different colors and qualities according to the used wood.

Wooden lamine parquet
Wooden lamine parquet
Wooden laminates, which are larger in cost than laminate but with a difference in appearance and texture, make this a difference in value, are among the most beautiful floor covering options.

4) Marble
An indispensable beauty marble! Mekana is one of the most stylish choices for the marble home that adds character and elegance. 

marbles floor tiles
The cost of the marble, which has never been fashionable and has the power to bring style to the house by itself, is quite high, but it is unexpected that this noble display is cheap.

5) Wooden parquet and parquet
Wooden floors are the most beautiful way to get a warm and inviting air to a house, whether you are looking straight in the garden or in various ways. 

wooden parquet
wooden parquet
The wooden floors, which are relatively difficult to use and require regular maintenance but are unique in our unique beauty, are used in classical to moderne, almost any architectural style and decor.

6) Granite
Robust and durable granite material is used not only in kitchens and bathroom counters but also in floor coverings. The granite floors, especially with dark colors, make the place elite and luxurious.

granite floor tiles
7) Iron oxide wax on concrete floors
Although concrete floors are known for their industrial style architecture and decoration, concrete floors that have been colored by iron oxide pigments and incorporated in a warm and lively atmosphere have been used for centuries in India, 

Iron oxide wax on concrete floors
Iron oxide wax on concrete floors
 and today they have begun to show themselves in the floors of modern style houses. You can be confident that we will see more of this kind of floor in the coming years!

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