How to create the perfect bathroom in a small apartment

Wanting to increase the useful area, architects often "save" on the bathroom, which subsequently affects the owners of housing. There are at least three ways to fix this "misunderstanding."

perfect bathroom in a small apartment
perfect bathroom in a small apartment
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Bathroom, - perhaps, the area is always small according to its name. It is difficult to find a property owner who would not want to increase its area by at least a couple of "squares". But there is good news - to achieve this is quite realistic. there are several tips on how to plan the design of the bath and bathroom in order not to feel constrained even in a small area.

perfect bathroom in a small apartment
How to create the perfect bathroom in a small apartment
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There are several rules that need to be adhered to when re-planning in the part of bathrooms.

1. Increase the "wet" zone can only be due to non-residential premises - a corridor, a pantry.

The exception is the apartment on the first floor or on the second, provided that the first non-residential.
The changes you make require reconciliation.
On the entire area of ??the new bathroom you need to perform waterproofing.
It is forbidden to demolish the ventilation duct.
It is forbidden to block access to risers or demolish them.
It is forbidden to shatter or dismantle load-bearing walls.
So, when can you add such necessary square meters?
Option one - we combine bathrooms . Probably, this is the easiest way. The main thing is to make sure that the version of the integrated bathroom is suitable for your family. The pros are obvious. The output is a more spacious room, in which you can place a shower, washing machine, toilet and sink.

However, this idea has its drawbacks - uniting a bathroom from a bathroom, objectively, there is no additional space to the room.

2. we increase the area of the bathroom partly due to the corridor.

In some series of houses quite small bathrooms, but a wide corridor. Due to this you can increase the size of the bathroom, but you need to take into account that the width of the corridor should not be less than 1 meter, if it leads to living rooms, or 85 cm, if not in residential areas! Sometimes, just slightly expanding the bathroom, you can already put a sink of sufficient size, washing machine, cabinet or laundry basket.

perfect bathroom in a small apartment
How to create the perfect bathroom in a small apartment

3. completely connect the corridor to the bathroom, the passage to the kitchen from the room.

This option is possible in some panel houses, where two openings have already been planned in the kitchen - from the corridor and from the room. We erect a partition between the kitchen and the corridor, the bathroom and the corridor are combined. If two bathrooms were located side by side, then, most likely, they will have to be combined. But we will get a big bathroom with an area of ??6-8 m2. And here it is already possible to turn around - to fit a bathroom, a toilet, a washing and drying machine, a sink.

In some brick or monolithic houses, this option is also feasible, because there, unlike the "panel", often there are no load-bearing walls between the corridor and the room.

And yet, the entrance to the bathroom should be from a non-residential premises. To enter the toilet from the kitchen or living room is prohibited by epidemiological standards. However, under certain conditions, you can make an entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom, if the bathroom is additional.

So, whichever option of increasing the bathroom area you would not choose, remember the rules of reorganization, take into account the laying of sewer pipes and water supply to the devices, the overall dimensions and the distance between them and you can get a really comfortable and functional bathroom. Well, if you have any questions - you can always contact specialists who can help you solve them in the best way.

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