Advantages of the balcony in the bedroom

The balcony in the bedroom is a rare phenomenon, as it is usually located in the living room or, for example, in the kitchen. Anyway, the room only benefits from such an architectural feature.

The main advantages of a bedroom with a balcony:

  • A large amount of light. Even in the photo it is clearly visible that through the balcony it penetrates much more than through the usual standard window.
  • If this small area is correctly designed, then it can become a highlight and a bright detail of the interior.
  • The balcony can be used for a variety of purposes. First of all, it provides an opportunity to increase the area of ​​the bedroom, which many are in a hurry to take advantage of. But it is not always appropriate.
bedroom in balcony
bedroom in balcony
Are there any downsides? Hardly ever. The only possible is the penetration of cold from the street and the exit of heat from the bedroom outside. But all this can be avoided if we pay sufficient attention to warming.

What should be the design of a bedroom with a balcony? Even if you do not plan to use it as a separate full room or combine with the room, it does not mean that its design is not necessary. In any case, the space is clearly visible from the windows, and if it is sloppy or, for example, cluttered, the interior of the entire bedroom will suffer from this. And to avoid this, do not neglect the arrangement of the balcony.

Bedroom With balcony
Bedroom With balcony

What does the design include?

  • First of all, the interior finish. It is not necessary to use expensive materials, they are more suitable and more affordable. But in any case, they should be practical, durable and resistant to temperature changes. For finishing the ceiling and walls, plastic panels or a lining are suitable. The floor is best covered with linoleum. By the way, when designing it is desirable to choose the colors and materials that fit into the bedroom interior, otherwise there will be an impression of disunity. But it is also possible to equip and almost completely independent room, this will also look interesting and unusual.
  • Window decoration and balcony doors. The most obvious and simple option is the curtains. This solution is optimal in the event that you do not plan to use the balcony as a premise. But more interesting is the separation of the balcony with the help of sliding panels. They can cover all the space, and only the doorway. The first option is relevant for the arrangement of a zone on the balcony, and the latter will provide and maintain sufficient natural light.
Bedroom With balcony
Bedroom With balcony

By the way, if you decide to make a balcony residential, then do not forget to take care of its full insulation. First of all, glaze it. But it will also require thermal insulation, with both walls, and ceiling and even floors. Only this approach will make the balcony comfortable for a long stay in it and warm.

If the bedroom is small, and you really want to increase its area, then do it. The photo shows that such an option does not violate the integrity of the space and, on the contrary, makes the design even more stylish and unique.

Bedroom With balcony
Bedroom With balcony

Unification options:

  • Complete removal of the septum. This option is possible only if the wall between the loggia and the bedroom is not a carrier. This method will significantly increase the area of ​​the room and get a single space.
  • Partial removal. Only the window and the door are removed, but the walls remain untouched. The remaining part of the wall will perform the function of zoning, which is very convenient. You can also use it to arrange a living area with a bar counter or a small table or to place shelves.
  • Removing the window and the balcony door, as well as the part of the wall in which they are located. The space will be almost completely combined with the bedroom, but still there will be some partitions on the sides.

If you decide to combine the balcony with the bedroom, then determine in advance whether you will somehow separate the additional space. This especially applies to those who have not left any partitions. If you are planning to create a nook, then to distinguish it you can use a screen, screen, curtains or sliding panels. But it is possible to designate the zoning by means of a design that differs from the main one in color or, for example, in texture. In the photo and in life, this department looks fresh and allows you to create a stylish contrast.

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