How To Choose carpets depending on the style of the interior

sometimes , we can get bored even we already applied a good interior, especially in the living room where we spend the time after work. Of course, you can cope with the problem with the help of rework, but often the thought of even make it sweet with some simple things is possible

carpet tips
How To Choose carpets depending on the style of the interior

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For the first time as a cure for boredom, you can try to change in the room one thing, but thorough. Carpet, for example.

For a modern interior with a light touch of country, where there is not a single active accent, a carpet with a bright abstract pattern may well fit. There are several key points for the correct choice here. Firstly, the floor in the living room should be of a monochromatic dark color. Secondly, in the decoration, at least in a minimum amount should be present 2-3 shades, consistent with the palette of the carpet.

In the living room with a mixed style of decoration, where one of the solutions has an eastern or classical direction, it is possible to enter a carpet with Oriental, Arabic, Greek or floral designs. However, such a carpet can become a strong accent and will not tolerate the presence of such active objects near you.

carpet tips
How To Choose carpets depending on the style of the interior
If your living room seems too strict, the best warming solution may be the choice of a textured fluffy carpet. From a practical point of view, such a carpet is better to choose a light shade. It's harder to notice the garbage.

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Adding to the ultramodern interior with an active palette can almost endlessly. If this time you decided to settle the carpet in its dynamic to the avant-garde living room, look at the copy with a light background. A room with a rich palette has an unpleasant peculiarity to put pressure on its inhabitants, and a bright floor covering, even with ornamentation, will significantly weaken this effect.

Living room with geographical accents - maps, trophies from travel, ethnic furniture, etc. - perfectly fit carpet, imitating the skin of an exotic animal. However, this coating has a very strong effect and will suit the interior in neutral shades.

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