Customizable Japanese traditional Style Room to Modern House

many people said that interior design with japan style is difficult to apply to recent houses model. but many people love the japanese house style, therefore they are still apply the style of Japanese interior with a variety of customization in their modern house. and it's true, the style of Japanese-style interior design is really awesome.

Make the uniqueness with customization of the Japanese style

customization of the Japanese style room
customization of the Japanese style room

Japanese-style room have spread all over the tatami, there is a alcove, should there are more or bell think the space enclosed by sliding doors and shoji. Certainly, this is a traditional style, isn't it? In recent years, along with changes in housing circumstances, there seems to be many times that tatami mats are customized to various style. Although that is good, I want to have that feel and fragrance that is old-fashioned in the modern house as well. Recently, the shape and colors of tatami mats have become versatile and it has become possible to arrange the space modernly depending on how to incorporate it

To Japanese Modern

modern japan style living room
modern japan style living room

Interior of Japanese modern interior that customized according to modern people's lifestyle. Depending on whether traditional color is strongly given or modern is strongly given, the atmosphere atmosphere of the space will differ considerably. This is a corner of a house handled by Mothers ' home architect office inChiba prefecture . Although the traditional Japanese taste is felt in the structure of tatami, a shoji, a beam, etc., a space where feet can be lowered to make it easy to sit down is made, and it is also a friendly design for people who can not sit on a seat.

No Limit and flexible

Japan Style Multipurpose Room
Japan Style Multipurpose Room

when you live with your old parents, it would be hard to live with a traditional japanese-style home. many steps will be hampered and lack of air circulation that can make you feel uncomfortable at home. for that, you should have think to make a house with a spacious interior design, free of obstacles and with plenty open air circulation

Modernly refreshing with borderless tatami mat

Borderless tatami mat
Borderless tatami mat room

There are also people who want to incorporate tatami while keeping the traditional atmosphere modern while customizing rooms. In such cases, you should try to be careful about how to select tatami mats. In this house, we adopt a tatami mat with a half-size without border and alternate the direction of the eyes, making it a checker-like floor. It looks as if you are using a large tile carpet , modernity stands out.

Space where beautiful appearance

beautiful scenery japanese style

For modern people's lifestyle, customizing to a comfortable Japanese-style room is necesssary , when you are wearing kimonos, when you practice tea or flowers, etc. and step on top of tatami mats Do not you feel that your own appearance will become beautiful just by walking? In the old-fashioned space, I think that there is power to bring back to our roots. I would like to continue tradition to the next generation, leaving old-fashioned arrangements.

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