Simple Apartment life in the Middle of Crowded City

 Apartment life in the Middle of City

Talking about life in the city , what do you imagine? Some people consider lonely city life in small homes. It is the narrow apartment in the city that makes the look The architectural office "Umbre Architects" builds a special building that will change the perspective.

Simple Apartment
Simple Apartment in the Middle of City

A corner of an ordinary residential area in Suginami Ward, Tokyo. There are buildings of similar appearance gathering close together. At first sight, it seems that some detached houses are built on narrow lands. But this is not a detached house. Actually six buildings are built as apartments. The name is "TOKYO COTTAGE". It is an apartment that overturns the traditional image that "Umbre Architects" built.

The building's appearance is very simple. A triangular roof was attached to a white box-shaped building. Such buildings are arranged irregularly so as to make them feel different, by being oriented differently or being staggered. There is an alley between the buildings, and it looks like a small street corner . And the buildings are connected by eaves, and it looks like a one of the tenement houses. This apartment has a totally different appearance from general one.

Simple Apartment life in the Middle of Crowded City
Simple Apartment life in the Middle of Crowded City

Here the two-storied building is a single residence, with the first and second floors, and the space of loft. What is characteristic of the inside of the building is the flooring on the white walls. Depending on the building, a skylight is installed, and warm light enters the room. It is simple, but it is a space where you can feel the cleanliness and warmth. As a result, you will be able to live a comfortable and relaxing life that you can not feel in traditional apartments.

Such a different apartment was built because the owner who requested the design felt the problem with the conventional apartment. A one-room apartment that has only one room, after having been built, vacant rooms become prominent over time. So we decided to build a charm that is not in other apartments. In this way, it was "an apartment with bright and airy cityscapes".

In a conventional apartment, windows are only in one direction and wind can not pass through indoors. But here windows are in different directions, so the wind passes through. There is no other inhabitants above and below, so you do not have to worry about the noise problem. Apartment living in the city tends to fall into a lonely urban life, but here a small town is born by gathered many independent buildings, and you can have a connection with your neighbors. In other words, although it is an urban apartment here, you can connect with your neighbors and live a comfortable life.

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