Hallway And Entrance Design Ideas With Staircase In a Private Home

Hallway Design Ideas with staircase in a private home

The design of the hall with a staircase in a private home may be much more complex than the interior of the same hall in a normal city apartment. Moreover if it is small and Narrow, We have to Design it Well With some Decorations and fill the colors. This trend has several causes.

Hallway Design Ideas with staircase in a private home

Firstly, in the suburban residence, as opposed to apartments, which are often part of the corridor is attached to the living rooms in order to increase the space, often makes no sense to save on space unofficial spaces.

Secondly, the very decorative solution stairs, where alone balusters can be very complicated configuration, not to mention themselves steps and handrails, halls makes doing interiors in private homes more complex, choosing stylish furniture and unusual jewelry for them. In this publication we would like to offer you a few ideas for design of the hall in a private home.

1. The design of the hall with a staircase in classical style

Respectable classic - one of the most popular styles in the design of the house inside. If you face the task of creating a classical interior of the hall, you will likely have to provide a budget for the purchase of exclusive chandeliers, very high-quality (preferably antique) furniture and decoration appropriate.

Not to be confused with its restrained classical lines, wall panels and moldings to finish with the pompous Baroque. The design of the hall with a staircase in classical style will not tolerate pretentious decor. But cheap items present the classics will not work. The interior is shown in the photo of the hall to the stairs in the decoration used white panels, parquet "herringbone" and moldings.

Stucco outlet under the chandelier - as virtually mandatory elements of the classics. The ambience and decor shown in the photo above the hall you can see antique furniture, candleholders in gold and dark thick curtains.

2. The design of the hall with a staircase in the art deco style

If you want your guests at the entrance to the house was breathtaking brilliance of the mirrors, the game highlights on luxury lamps and lamps of unusual shape, then it is best to use in the decoration elements of Art Deco style.

This stylistic direction, as well as classic, never seems to get away with the fashion Olympus. The design shown in the photo above the hall in a private house with a ladder you can see these elements of style Art Deco as:

  • facetted mirror;
  • lamp on pearl leg;
  • column, entangled network of fine white netting;
  • golden textured surface stone under the mirror;
  • wall clock in the shape of the sun.

For the color palette of interior designers Hall Studios Olga Kondratova chose popular today nuances of cocoa or coffee with milk. This range is sufficient light to visually make the room more spacious. Also in the interior design in the style of Art Deco you are can often meet shades of chocolate.

3. The design of the hall with French windows

The design of the hall in a private house in the area for relaxing with a pair of purple seats will never be a lack of light. After all, there are provided tall French windows with transoms. In the twilight of the room will help illuminate the magnificent crystal chandelier.

The presence of the tall windows overlooking the grounds around the house gives the similarity with this estate. And the extent to which this room matched decor and furniture, only reinforces this feeling. This hall can easily be used as a mini-living room or reception. When disclosed wings morning tea is similar to breakfast on the veranda.

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