Design apartment on the waterfront Tinkers

Design apartment on the waterfront Tinkers

Before carrying out work on the reconstruction of a three-room apartment on the waterfront Tinkers resembled a typical communal very awkward layout. By combining the two central rooms in a single studio space, studio designers Olga Kondratova formed a spacious room with an area of 35 sq.m.

Design apartment on the waterfront Tinkers

It could accommodate a kitchen, dining room, small living room, a library and even a mini-cabinet. Bedroom with a transparent partition was divided into two parts. Adjacent to the balcony of the room side is given over to the nursery for a newborn. In the second part of the bedrooms located bed for the parents. For an older child in the family have arranged a room in the former kitchen.

Increase functional apartment to help a variety of techniques. So, in her daughter's room and studio space in general involved sills. Corridor during the redevelopment was dismantled, moved part of its space living room, the other - a bath.

It is possible to increase the area of the functional areas. This technique in a niche in the kitchen-living room formed a place for additional cabinets. Redevelopment has helped to emphasize this indisputable advantage of the design shown in the photo in 2015 apartments, a scenic panorama from the windows.

A modern classic with a touch of the Stalinist Empire style in perfect harmony with the architectural design of the house

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