Modern Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms - With Photos

Modern Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms - With Photos

Specialists in the interior, as a rule, often have to work on the design of a small bedroom with an approximate area of ​​12 meters or a little more than large spaces. This is due to the fact that upon sleeping room does not need large areas. Even in normal city apartments footage of the premises allocated for the bedroom is usually very limited.

Modern Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms
Big rooms for sleeping rather peculiar private homes than urban apartment. When you create a small bedroom design specialists in interiors, especially, we have to solve the problem with rational use of the available space.

Therefore, in such projects, you can often see the attached balcony, built-in wardrobes, tables, window sills instead. In today's post we present you a selection of 10 modern design ideas small bedroom, which help to improve the functionality of a small space, fill it with comfort and creative solutions.

Rational use of space small bedroom

1. Joining the loggia and balcony

One of the most obvious ways to increase the area of ​​a small bedroom balcony is accession, if any, of course, there is. At the site of the former loggia often created mini-offices, a small sitting areas and winter gardens. However, the issue of joining the balcony is always associated with the passage of the complex approval procedures. 

You may need to save the weatherstrip unit with radiators or go on a little trick, establishing transparent sliding partition between the bedroom and balcony. The design of the small bedroom in the photo above WINDOW block is used as a desktop. This minimalist cabinet fits perfectly into the concept of the modern room.

2. Built-in design and niche design small bedroom

The design of the small bedroom in the photo above, in a niche formed by white cabinets, neatly inscribed minimalist black piano. This method is also good saves square footage. Thanks to him, in the room is possible to organize a small area for playing music, without sacrificing any workspace or wardrobes.

3. Using the sill area

Interior designers have long noticed that the sills occupy too much space. If the use of the area under the desk, or a soft bench, the overall functionality of the room only benefit from this. The sofa on the ground sill is usually in high demand among the romantics who like to read a book while enjoying the scenery of the opening window. Inside this bench can arrange roomy drawers for storing bed linen, blankets and rugs.

4. Eclecticism in the interior of a small bedroom

Of course, the size of a small bedroom design is severely limited its area. It is unlikely that you will be able to fill your room with an area of ​​12 square meters. m elements such classics as columns, moldings, portraits magnificent gilt baguettes, and, at the same time, not space to weight. However, to apply the neo-classical theme or Empire is possible and in a small room. 

The design of the bedrooms in the photo above a modern interpretation of the classic coexists harmoniously with elements of style loft, presented here brickwork in the headboard. The result of this union was the eclectic design project, which is remembered thanks to the mixing of the nobility and respectability of neoclassicism, on the one hand, and the loft charisma and love of freedom - on the other.

5. Design a small bedroom in a classic style

Designers Studio Olga Kondratova for interiors often choose small bedrooms neoclassicism. I was no exception and design project in the photo above. Plaster cornices, white moldings, crystal chandelier, a large beige carpet and neutral palette of cream shades which blend with notes of milk chocolate - all of these elements and develops a comfortable interior. Design a small bedroom on the photo does not create a feeling of cramped spaces through the use of bright colors and the presence of a high window with a white curtain, gently diffusing the penetrating rays of the sun.

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