Country Cottages and Houses Interior Design

Country Cottages and Houses interior design

The interiors of country houses and cottages today are striking variety of interesting layouts, unusual stylistic mixes and non-standard color combinations. However, in private residences still have a place to traditional solutions. So, living here are almost always equipped with fireplaces, often with the oversight of them Voltaire armchairs, and in the decoration bedside zones often found canopies.

Country Cottages and Houses Interior Design

The decoration is quite common wall panels, moldings and elements of natural wood. Want to know what other ideas and methods are now found in the interiors of country houses and cottages? Then see below a selection of photos and sketches.

The interiors of country houses in the classical style: photo

When it comes to style for the interior of a country house and a cottage, then the classics - it is almost always the first thing that comes to mind. Classic style peculiar calm, restraint and respectability. This area is best suited for those who want to turn your house into a family residence with history. Of course, if you want to get the interior economy class, the picture of country houses in the classical style is hardly relevant for you. The fact that the classics is considered quite expensive to implement the direction. But in the classical interior is practically no life.

1. Interior classic billiard

White wall panels, wallpaper in vertical stripes conducive to visual increase the ceiling height, Voltaire armchairs and a table with a blue cloth - what else is needed for the formation of the classical interior billiard room? For room lighting designers use floor lamps and chandeliers stacked with plafonchikami. For cues and billiard tables on the wall, a special stand with a clock.

2. Design negotiating in classic style

In small-town residences often provides separate rooms for negotiation. Of course, the mere presence in the house of the premises implies that the negotiations will be conducted on a very high level. Accordingly, the situation in this area must comply with its intended purpose. And what style is best classics, with its columns, clean lines and expensive finish to cope with this task?

The interior is classic negotiating in a country house used for finishing the pilasters, white wall panels, wallpaper Damascus design and trendy, polished to a shine, parquet. Chocolate curtains with lambrequins, bust, antique console and landscapes on the wall help to round off the composition.

3. Classical recreation room in the attic

A design of the small living room in the attic of a country house style is close to the respectable British classics. Chesterfield sofa, beige carpet and abundance in natural wood finish - this interior would be appreciated by a British lord, who prefers to spend evenings Times reading and watching golf tournaments.

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