Small Bedroom Solution - Planning The Bedroom Design

Small Bedroom Solution - Planning The Bedroom Design

Even its small area can not be cause for sadness, because now there are many techniques for its literate design. Due attention should be paid to every room, not excluding the bedroom. It is important to understand its main purpose and, on this basis, to plan the placement of furniture and decoration techniques. This article presents different ideas small bedroom design photo will allow them to evaluate and specific tips to help adapt them to his room.

Planning The Design decisions Of The Bedroom

1. Doors

Ease of use The small bedroom depends on many factors. Not the least of these is the door. It is necessary to think in advance of its constructive and open the way. It is best to save space, sliding doors, but you should understand that they have a low level of noise isolation.

That is, if in another room will have someone to talk and watch TV in the bedroom, it will all be well heard. As a result, it is sometimes wiser to set the swing doors. In this case you need to immediately determine in which direction it will open, given the location of furniture.

2. Sleeping area

Design ideas small bedroom, a photo of which can be found in magazines and on the Internet, be sure to include the bed. It was she who in this case is the semantic center of the interior. Some in order to save space put instead of her sofa, but that is possible to give. The fact that the rest will divide the space, making it even less visually. And take it apart every night is not very convenient. If the bedroom is at least 8 - 10 square meters, it is best to give preference to the bed. Choose a model with simple low backs. Pay attention to the size. Here you need to find a middle ground to the bed was not close, but did not occupy too much space.

For single option you might consider a two-tier multi-functional furniture. The bottom is usually located workplace, cabinets and drawers, and on top - the bed.

Bedside tables and try to choose the most compact. If there is very little, they can replace the headboard shelf.

3. Storage system

In the bedroom, it is important to properly organize and storage system for all the necessary things. The best thing is to give preference to the modular furniture, made to fit your room. The best option would be built in wardrobes from floor to ceiling. They do not have a rear wall, and attach directly to the wall, saving precious centimeters. Prefer sliding-door wardrobes and avoid swinging doors. Facades of such furniture as possible should be made of mirrors or frosted glass. Such surfaces make it possible to achieve a visual enlargement of the room.

Use the storage space and other convenient locations. For example, note the best model with integrated drawers in choosing bed. If you plan to work area, here try to allocate storage space. You can also use the space on the wall above the bedside tables. It is very conveniently placed shelves.

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