3 × 3 meters bedroom design - small bedroom design ideas

3 × 3 meters bedroom design -  small bedroom design ideas

stylish and cozy bedroom , you really want that. but the space of ​​your room is only a few square meters? There is a solution! In this article we have assembled the basic rules to the design the small bedrooms, We hope this collection will inspire you to new ideas for your new best bedroom.

decorated with light colors, A small space visually becomes wider and more spacious. To this technique, working without fail, designers always did the great job with this in different sizes of room. A bright palette, as it were, saturates the room with air, gives it lightness and elegance.

3 × 3 meters bedroom design ideas
3 × 3 meters bedroom design

if you want to give the room volume, you forget that the dark walls and choose wallpaper in the bedroom or paint it in light colors that visually "improve" the walls. The ceiling, painted in shining white, and wallpaper with a horizontal pattern will also create the desired effect. Wanting to give the room more color and brightness, you can paint only one of the walls in bright color, provided that the rest are white.

small bedroom design ideas
small bedroom design ideas
In a room with a small area, every centimeter of space, like every object in the interior must be functional. So you can increase the functional space, as well as separate the sleeping place. A properly equipped window sill can be an excellent comfortable sofa.

often, bedrooms in small apartments combine in themselves with study room, working room, and places for creativity. To properly organize such a combination, you need to think carefully about the interior. So, you can free up space for your desk by properly placing the bed - for example, by placing it parallel to the sill. 

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