Interior Design Studio Apartment

Interior Design Studio Apartment

Interior design studio Apartment is easy to imagine according to his fantasies , using bold decorative finishes and inexpensive modern furniture , the ability to transform . If you do not plan to live an open house , preferring to communicate with friends in a cafe - in the zone of separation necessary for the party there . Otherwise, it makes sense to expand the space at the expense of dismantling the barriers between the kitchen and bathroom , and replacing it with , for example , a bar, seats which are facing the home theater .

Interior Design Studio Apartment
Interior Design Studio Apartment


Before the owners of one-bedroom apartments worth two important objectives: firstly, most save space, and secondly - to prevent the presence of things in the room, indicating that they have nowhere to put. This can be achieved by the following design tricks:

1. Be sure to use the dead "space" the hallway near the front door - this is where you can arrange shelves with books and souvenirs, pictures in frames, potted plant, vertical cabinets with clothes.

Interior Design Studio Apartment
Interior Design Studio Apartment

2. If space allows the hallway - it makes sense to establish a wardrobe with interesting facades, it will be completely removed from the room clothing, bedding, etc.

establish a wardrobe with interesting facades

3. Removing the partition between the kitchen and bathroom allows you to put in its place a large dining table or the bar, so as to maximize "push" from the private common area bedroom.

4. With the ability to insulate a loggia, you can arrange for it has a computer or a small terrace for entertaining.

5. Do not put in a small one-bedroom apartment four-poster bed or a Victorian desk - a great thing turn into a cumbersome obstacle hindering the movement of the room. Effect of luxury can be achieved by arranging the podium for a sofa or a bed-transformer with built-in drawers for storage.

6. It is necessary to give preference to the integrity of the space, not the love of the things of a certain style - there is no need to squeeze into the interior of a rocking chair or a large lampshade to the detriment of free space.

Interior Design Studio Apartment


The idea of the visual extension of the space through the introduction of the interior mirrors are always pays off in the hallway and almost always - in the bedroom. No less effectively visually enlarge the area of light soft unobtrusive colors, especially light green, cream, sand, dark-beige, peach.

  • Contrasting shades are not suitable for interior design studio - they should pick up the tone of the walls and furniture.
  • The dominance of white in the design studio apartment is justified, however, with some patches of different pastel colors.
  • Having the walls in dark tones, buy white furniture.
  • Lighting should be plentiful - ideally self-contained fixtures for each functional area.
  • Stylish accessories compensate for the inability to buy a lot of furniture. However, their abundance creates a feeling of clutter! Traveler and collector better post exposure stylized hallway.

Lovers of good-quality things, living in a studio apartment, it is necessary to learn to give up what is not really necessary. For example, computer desk only justified when most of you spend working at a desktop computer.

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