INTERIOR DESIGN small apartments

INTERIOR DESIGN small apartments

Interior design small apartments should revolve around the competent organization of the space in the first place, but in this case these flats will be well suited for a comfortable stay and store a lot of things. It is not always required, and the dismantling of walls - it can lead to overcrowding.

INTERIOR DESIGN small apartments
INTERIOR DESIGN small apartments

DESIGN trick increases the space small apartments

In most things supersaturated apartment you can find the free corners, not recoup any useful interior role. Task owners of small apartment - turn them into neat storage of things that will rid the living rooms of bulky cabinets and pedestals.

Interior Living room Design for  Small Apartment
Interior Living room Design for  Small Apartment
  • Designers are advised to fill bolder things hallway. One of the options - the construction of the closed shelves to the ceiling. Corridor cabinet or rack should make the corner - this will save even more space. Volume hangers can be replaced laced coat hooks, dispersed over a platform for bringing purchases.
  • Built-in wardrobe in the wall - the solution for the bedroom. You will not see her, placing Ostrovno bed headboard to the dressing room and spread around the perimeter of the small bedroom dressing table and banquettes.
  • In developing the interior design of small-sized apartments, actively use the ideas transforming furniture, for example, can perform the role of a bed sofa convertible.
  • Compact children should be arranged vertically - the walls in the form of lower cabinets with drawers for clothes and upper - for toys. Troublesome for parents every evening rises to the top toys and games, but there is still need space for children's activities.
  • The workplace can be organized in the form of niches, which deepened computer desk with shelves above it. Niche can be closed by sliding doors, decorated in the living room facing the tone.
  • Set for a small kitchen is better to book the most narrow-minded, not only the working surface is zauzhivat and a dining table. Set the ceiling visually lengthen the room.
  • In a small combination bathroom corner bath is preferable to traditional.


Ideal way to increase free space small apartment - the release of property from all superfluous. However, there is another solution - the device studios. The bathroom - the only self-contained room in a flat, but that does not mean that we are talking about the device "Arena", where at the same time do the lessons children and adults watching TV.

  • Studio necessarily involves zoning using hidden sliding doors, mobile screens, retractable furniture elements.
  • In catalogs and on request you can find a huge number of furniture-transformers of various types, including the cabinets, beds, tables with folding beds, rollaway beds and sofas, as well as fashionable today sleeping podium with drawers. The feeling of "techno", add the accessories of modern materials, hanging on the painted walls in bold colors.
  • As the use of upholstered furniture stools and ottomans, most natural looks in Japanese or other ethnic interior.

Nevertheless, fans of historical pastiches not have to give up the dream to play back on their limited square meters favorite era - with the difference that it would be possible stylization, made with the help of specific decor and a minimum of furniture. For example. You are quite capable to organize in their small apartment model numbers Inn Victorian.

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