Children Room Design Ideas : Interior Children's loft-style

 Children Room Design Ideas : Interior Children's loft-style

The sense of style in a child should be brought up since childhood . Things he enjoys , interiors that surround it should be harmonious , and stylistically verified . 

 Children Room Design Ideas : Interior Children's loft-style
Interior Children's loft-style

Of course, in a standard apartment block of flats is unlikely to find brick walls and from the ceiling will not be exposed beams . But the style of loft in the nursery , you can create and quite simple means.

It is believed that the loft is more suitable for teenagers , especially those who belong to the " rebels " . They are distinguished by the desire for freedom , independence and superiority over their peers .

Interior features a children's loft-style

The style requires a lot of space , so the room can not make furniture, it should be large , even if the area is small . As the finishing materials must be selected simple , but only those that match the style of : bricks , boards , plaster , or their substitutes . For example, one of the walls spread the brick or concrete trim . In this case it is better not to paint the brick . As a floor covering used rough , and even better - made ​​old board.

Loft in the nursery - it is , above all , functional and convenient . But this does not mean that there is no place for original solutions . For example, it looks very favorable combination of " old " and "new " : on the rough brick wall flat panel TV for nailed together boards of aged shelf - super- modern gadgets

Fully withstand all the details of the interior in the style of children's loft is not necessarily , it is not suitable for every child . However, to use some features of the style and add , for example , to the minimalist interior - the perfect solution . Several parts of the loft of your choice will make the situation individually and create a mood.

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