What kind of lighting can create a romantic atmosphere?

Does everyone like romantic space? Especially for girls, they must be want to spending time with a wonderful person in a nice and romantic space. besides, in romantic space makes me feel like a strange feeling as if I became the hero of a fairy tale, and somehow my heart is sparkling ... It is also a space that makes me dreaming. What if I could create an atmosphere by lighting at my home? You can taste romantic space in your daily life. Want to try it? I tried to summarize how you can create a nice space with lighting, Let's see it now!

lighting jar afghan
lighting jar

A sweet idea of ​​putting lights in a jar/bottle. When you put it outside, what is that? And attracting the interest of guests who visited, and it is safety protect light bulbs from rain and insects too. By putting it in again, it will make the feeling like being invited to a magical world, so I can taste an everyday romantic feeling.

create a romantic atmosphere

It is as if the stars are coming down from the sky, I was working on a romantic lighting that can sense such feeling

What kind of lighting can create a romantic atmosphere?
romantic lighting

Two lights are projected on a white wall, directing a romantic space. The atmosphere changes so much just by lighting! It is a bedroom that seems to have a good dream somehow, entering the sleeping world slowly wrapped in nice light.

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