Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas | How To Style The Kitchen Become So Rustic

Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas | How To Style The Kitchen Become So Rustic

Even hard to find a person who believes that a simple rustic interior - is something miserable and far from comfort. On the contrary, every owner of a house or apartment is trying to surround yourself in natural materials to the maximum, without much pomp and glamor.

Many will be surprised how easy it can be used in the construction of this unpretentious interior household items from the village. It would seem, before unnecessary woven rugs and blankets, boxes and wicker chairs perfectly complement the overall picture. What is important - it does not need big financial investments, everything is already in the attic or is my grandmother in the village.

If you pay attention, then every country-style kitchen in the photo has its own style, which refers to a particular country, its traditions and culture. This can be not only an American trend, designers often use folk elements in countries such as:

  • England;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Russia;
  • Switzerland.
Despite the various differences of cultures and trends in each of the options can be found in common:

  • a large number of wooden elements or their substitutes;
  • the use of natural materials (stone, metal);
  • the presence of the hearth or its imitation;
  • wicker furniture or simple wooden stools;
  • pottery, porcelain, metal or wood.
This is how, for example, look like German cuisine in a rustic style in the photos of some design decisions:

What is striking? First, the Germans tend to the light texture of wood, they prefer:

  • pear;
  • beech;
  • maple.
  • Buffet with stained-glass facade will be very even way, and antique dishes and lamps complete the atmosphere

The fact that the creation of the comfort necessary to use only natural materials - have already said enough. On that same note in the first place?

Wood - light and heat

Natural wood is almost impossible to find an alternative. Most of the photos show kitchen in a rustic style, which is completely finished in wood or structural elements are made of this material - it is a prerequisite of the interior. Natural texture can create a unique atmosphere, just look at the photos:

No matter from what location and times you are going to reproduce the atmosphere - wooden components still need:

  • in the ceiling;
  • with the design of walls and floors;
  • furniture design.

If, for example, decided to mimic the kitchen interior of Western Europe, it should be noted that the solid wood ceiling are not provided. But the rough floor beams in dark colors to light the ceiling as much as possible, and vice versa will bring you to the goal. Master recommended in such cases, use the appropriate stain and varnish on your own.

The question of a private home with the oven, of course, easier to solve, but also in urban apartments can be found out, for example:

put decorative ;
install an electric fireplace.
Do not forget that the natural center requires certain technical conditions, elementary lead pipe in the ventilation shaft will not turn. Therefore it is necessary in advance to consult with experts on the feasibility of the chimney.

As for furniture, for the rural interior components are best suited on the basis of:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • Wicker or rattan.
The colors of furniture set to be as close to natural. Feel free to borrow my grandmother bulky desk with drawers or antique sideboard - all perfectly complement the overall picture.

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