How To Arrange Bedroom To Make It Looks Bigger

How To Arrange Bedroom To Make It Looks Bigger

Modern technology and a huge selection of coating materials allow to translate into reality the most incredible ideas repair bedrooms . First of all , you should perform planning and zoning : to make the drawing , mark placement of the bed , dresser , closet and other items , if space allows .

Ideas for style and color choices

The main tone is set by finishing the walls , which are a canvas for decoration . Therefore , you should choose a style , it will help to define colors for the bedroom. Experts recommend to arrange space for sleeping in light , pastel palette , give preference to muted colors and do not use flashy colors . Under these criteria fit many stylistic directions : eco , Rococo , Italian, empire , romance , modern, ethno - design : Mediterranean , Provence , loft , minimalism .

There are ideas of bedroom design , which can not do without dark colors and bright colors : high-tech , pop art , Art Deco , Gothic, Japanese, Moroccan , Arabian , Indian .

Ideas for walls

Wallpaper - the hottest stuff in the bedroom. It is better to use paper, textile, non-woven fabric, cork, straw and bamboo. They breathe and keep a special microclimate, no condensation beneath them, which reduces the likelihood of fungus.

Wooden panels are found in a classic design, lining, blockhouse - rustic, tiles, corrugated and modern 3D panel - in hi teke, brick and plaster characterized by ethnic and industrial styles. More photos of interior ideas for the bedroom will help us to show the most relevant combinations.

Wallpaper with a large ornament look spectacularly decorated . Suitable for different sized bedrooms , but the decor should be active mute plain and quiet parts in the color pattern on the walls .

Accents and zoning

Accents help distinguish functional zones and decorate the bedroom . Ideas abound in the design arsenal :

1. split moldings with internal decoration of the busy tone or wallpaper with active patterns , decorative plaster - reception came from the classics ;

2. framing stone columns , plaster stucco art paintings , frescoes , wall photos , create amazing perspective effect ;

Wallpapers with beautiful ornaments , murals , decorative painting , Mural -Strengths tools scenery bedrooms can be used as a supplement or as an independent element of decor .

For bedrooms preferred landscapes, biblical , macro nature , space , urban scenes , monuments of architecture and art .

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