Curtain color ideas for the interior - What you need to know about the Curtain colors combination ?

Curtain color Ideas For the interior -  What you need to know about the Curtain colors combination ?

Without curtain fabrics does not do any interior creation . This is not a simple decoration window curtains can make the interior style and become richer in its basic element . To date, there is a wide choice of curtain fabrics of various textures and prints , textures and colors , so it is easy to choose for themselves the optimal solution , which will contribute to remove the defects of the room and form the right atmosphere .


To compose the colors and clothing design is perfect for window joins the general stylistic direction, and the whole situation. Design Wizard offers two basic kinds of color combinations - contrasting and harmonious. In a first embodiment, the individual colors will be contrasting touches on the main tone and its great to be thinned. In the second form of the whole emphasis is on the main tone, which should not cause disharmony with other colors.

As a rule, the clothes for the window are selected based on the color design of the furniture and other items made of cloth. It can be upholstered furniture, for the harmony with which the sofa are capes and drapes of the same paintings. If at each subsequent repair occurs and replacement of curtains, the wallpaper color direction should also be taken into account.

two colors curtain

Curtain fabric of this type are of modern design technique that has been used successfully for areas with limited ceiling height. Through vertical stripes, which are formed from fabrics of different colors formed by the height of the feeling that lacks a standard apartment.

Extremely attractive and concise two-tone looks decision in black and white. This design is suitable for people who lead an orderly life image. The young and energetic people who have no fear of the experiments and risks, prefer brighter and more saturated combinations. In this case, it dominates the quiet color that sets off the brighter colors. Thanks to this combination, you can constantly vary the window layout and changing the overall situation and the mood in it.

Plum Colors Curtain

Curtain color ideas for the interior
Plum Colors Curtain

Olive color is quite close to the brown, but in a special shade is unique. This color will make the room fresh and cool, but as it is able to absorb light, then more will be suitable for the premises, where there is good natural light. Such curtain fabric will be good in the guest rooms, home offices and kitchens.

Pistachio Color Curtains

Pistachio curtains will be good in the kitchen, interior bedroom or guest room setting. From this color emanates warmth of summer, wildlife, solar energy and high spirits, so it will also be good in the infantile rooms. Pistachios are an excellent harmony with the red and snow-white, peach and pink, yellow and gold colors. Two-tone cloth included pistachios and raise the white ceiling, the room will give concise and will pour into her stream of fresh mood.

Fabrics Bordeaux

Bordeaux is one of the varieties of many variations of red and maroon curtain fabrics usually used velvet, weighting the situation and brings sleep. Therefore, such webs are used in bedrooms. If such a leaf guest dress the window openings, it will find elegance and lush with the comfort. Bordeaux may be supplemented with gold, blue or pure white color. Since this heavy cloth, they are indispensable in a well-lighted areas.

Curtain fabric ton of chocolate

Curtain fabric of a ton of the same great in classic or ultra-modern direction. However, giving them the priority is to take into account that the colors of chocolate itself is dark and it is better to use in the interiors are bright and pastel colors, including some pistachio blotches.

The curtains of chocolate colors are good, where actively used the same tone, but in its different variations. In other words - it must be a priority in the furniture and wall surfaces background. They can be used both in living and sleeping quarters, where the entire environment invites to rest. Thus it is necessary to think about the decorative elements that complement or dilute the atmosphere, creating a special comfort.

Fabrics colored lilac

Lilacs in a blind cloth catch the fancy creative and romantic people. After all this color itself conceals in its depths some mystery and magic. But he has such variations, which look great in any interior direction, and any room.

For girls' svetelok appropriate color of pale lilac light from lavender tones to pale pink. Home offices beautifully decorate fabric deep purple tones close to aubergine. Lilac perfectly coexists with green options, with a red and warm yellow, ripe orange and pale pink. Complete with white and warm brown-lilac gives elegant nobility.

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