types of bathroom sink materials - Choosing the best sink for the bathroom

types of bathroom sink materials - Choosing the best sink for the bathroom

To select a sink for the bathroom , you need to get acquainted with its classification . There are sinks on way of installation , form, materials , dimensions and other parameters .

Insertion of a number of advantages compared to other mounting options bowl sink : 

  • the possibility of unusual interior solutions , custom design ; 
  • easiest way to install and mount , and the cabinet for installation, you can both buy and make their own hands ; 
  • Organization of additional storage capacity , a more rational use of space ; 
  • price mortise models lower than similar overhead

Pedestal ( " Tulip " ) 

Installation is made on the " foot " , which hides eyeliner . Sheer " leg " may be half open - on the side facing the wall, in which case it is siphon cover .



Recently popular bowl - shells, which can have a different shape from a sphere to a cube. They are mounted on a countertop .

Classification of the material sinks 

The choice of material for the bathroom sink is very wide . It's not just the usual porcelain and earthenware , but also rare , original options like wood or glass . Of course, the quality of materials directly affects the performance properties of the shell , so consider them in detail .

Pottery, porcelain, ceramics 

The most common material for the production of shells. They are low cost, long life, easy to care for, eco-friendliness. Quite a significant disadvantage earthenware - porosity, so the production of the shells they are glazed, so that the pores do not become clogged with dirt, which is almost impossible to wash off. This shortage is deprived of shells of porcelain, but they have higher price. And porcelain and faience, and ceramic sinks are heavy and thus quite fragile, which requires reinforced attachment and careful handling.
Pottery, porcelain, ceramics sink
Pottery, porcelain, ceramics sink
Fake diamond 

On the qualities of artificial stone sink surpasses analogues of natural material. Natural stone is quite brittle and very hard to the same products made of it have to do manually, which makes them expensive. Artificial stone is composed of a polymer and fills it with natural material. The addition of pigments allows to obtain almost any color. Production shells being injection-molding process and that reduces the cost of the final product. These shells are much lighter than natural stone, much stronger, easier to care for them, they are not afraid of changes in temperature and the action of aggressive chemicals.

Fake diamond SINK
Fake diamond sink

Of all types of sinks for the bathroom, this - the most unusual and even causing some concern. Glass - fragile material, which, breaking, forms sharp shards, so at first glance it seems to be quite unsuitable for use in the bathroom. But in fact, for the manufacture of glass shells used specially tempered glass thicker (at least 15 mm). Furthermore, in the production of such glass additive added thereto, which increase the mechanical strength. This sink is not afraid to accidental bumps and can serve for many years. Models of glass, usually mounted on the countertop, and not attached to the wall.

glass sink
glass sink
glass sink
glass sink


Another unusual material for bathroom sinks - tree. It looks wooden shell is really very unusual , and is able to turn an ordinary bathroom into a masterpiece of design art . Wood sinks are particularly suitable for eco - style , as well as some other interior areas . The performance of its dignity is not lower than that of porcelain : wood treated in a special way so that it does not absorb water and dirt . However, there is a significant drawback of wooden bowls : they are very expensive .

wood sink
wood sink

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